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03 四月 2019

集团投资1亿欧元,以此来为在中国设厂的欧洲、亚洲和美洲客户供应铝制卡钳和 转向节。新生产基地将铸造厂和生产线整合在一起,紧邻早在2012年揭幕的制动盘生产厂。

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Bernie Ecclestone Award by Brembo 2016

05 九月 2016

Brembo presents Marco Tronchetti Provera with the ‘Bernie Ecclestone Award 2016’ in the occasion of the Formula One Grand Prix of Italy

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28 七月 2016

Brembo: h1 2016 revenues up 10.4% . Net profit +42.8% . Project for a new plant in China launched

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Brembo’s latest increasingly lightweight, advanced and high-performance braking systems for the 24 hours of Le Mans

16 六月 2016

Thanks to innovative friction material, Brembo brake pads will go the distance at Le Mans

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13 六月 2016

The 2016 edition of the Brembo Friction Catalogue

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19 五月 2016

The closing of the transaction to acquire a 66% stake in the share capital of ASIMCO Meilian Braking Systems (Langfang) Co. Ltd. took place today.

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Results for the First Quarter of 2016

10 五月 2016

Brembo: revenues for q1 2016 up +9.6% to €563.6 million net profit at €60.4 million (+31.9%). The hundred-millionth disc produced in Poland.

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First Pour at All-New Cast Iron Foundry in Homer

28 四月 2016

Brembo Celebrates First Pour at All-New Cast Iron Foundry in Homer, Michigan

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Brembo Supplier of the year

18 三月 2016

Brembo recognized by General Motors as a Supplier of the year

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Brembo: reliability and superior performance in the 2016 MotoGP World Championship

17 三月 2016

The leader brake system manufacturer has focused on the design of two different types of aluminium calipers able to guarantee the maximum level of safety and performance in all circuits

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03 三月 2016

2015 revenues grew by 15% to €2,073.2 million. Ebitda at €359.9 million (+28.6%), Ebit at €251.3 million (+40.8%), Net profit at €184 million (+42.5%) and dividend of €0.80per share

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13 一月 2016

Synergy, innovation and international expertise: the key to success for a novel and low environmental impact brake system, financed by the prestigious Horizon2020 Programme

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Brembo displays innovative technolog at Detroit's North American International Auto Show for the first time

08 一月 2016

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Results for the Third Quarter of 2015

12 十一月 2015

Revenues at 30 September 2015 up 15.6% to €1,549.1 million, ebitda at €266.8 million (+28.4%), ebit at €184.4 million (+37.1%)

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29 九月 2015

Brembo entered into an agreement to purchase 66% of ASIMCO Meilian Braking Systems, a company producing braking discs in the Beijing area.

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Brembo presents a new family of calipers for high-end cars

15 九月 2015

At the IAA, Brembo launches a new 5 openings caliper that allows a weight reduction of 8% while maintaining stiffness.

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Improved ventilation for Brembo brake discs

14 九月 2015

Lighter weight, greater resistance to thermal cracking and less brake pad wear are the benefits of the new design for the brake disc ventilation chamber

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Brembo presents its first in-wheel application

14 九月 2015

After three years of evaluation and experimentation in wheel-end architecture, Brembo is taking giant steps into the future, endorsing the innovative European project EU-LIVE

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Scuderia Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel visits Brembo factory

03 九月 2015

Scuderia Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel visits Brembo factory to celebrate the 40 years of the Italian Company in sporting competitions

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Brembo presents the new version of 3D video about the functioning of a brake system for Formula One

02 九月 2015

On the occasion of the 40° anniversary in sporting competitions, Brembo presents the new version of 3D video dedicated to sporting specialized press.

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14 八月 2015

Brembo continues as exclusive brake supplier for 2016 Verizon Indycar series season.

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30 七月 2015

Brembo: H1 2015 revenues up 15.2% to €1,038.9 million, Ebitda at €175 million (+23.1%), Ebit at €121.3 million (+29.8%)

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Brembo gains momentum in the digital world: 1 million fans on Facebook and a new website

27 七月 2015

The success of Brembo on social networks confirms its membership in the exclusive club of the most best-loved brand in the world.

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Brembo and Automoblox launch partnership

23 七月 2015

Automoblox with Brembo Brakes displayed at 2015 Concours d’Elegance

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Brembo S.p.a. sells its 65% stake in Sabelt to the current minority shareholders

03 六月 2015

The Group announces the sale of its stake (65%) in Sabelt S.p.A. to the current minority shareholders.

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Brembo Brake System Selected for 2016 Chevrolet Camaro

01 六月 2015

Brembo, the world leader and acknowledged innovator of brake technology for automotive vehicles, engineered an optimized brake system for the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro performance capability.

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Brembo guarantees maximum security with Premium Brake Fluid line – previewed at Autopromotec 2015

20 五月 2015

Reduced viscosity and a higher boiling point of Brembo’s Premium Brake Fluids make “vapour lock” in brake systems a distant memory.

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Brembo stars at Autopromotec 2015 with PVT Plus – providing brake systems with improved cooling

20 五月 2015

Lightweight construction, more resistance to thermal cracks and less wear on brake pads are benefits of the new ventilation chamber for brake discs.

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Brembo Carbon Ceramic Brake System Enhances 2016 Dodge Viper ACR

15 五月 2015

A specialized Brembo high-performance brake system is standard equipment on the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR (American Club Racer).

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Results for the First Quarter of 2015

14 五月 2015

Brembo good start of 2015: revenues for q1 2015 up 15.1% to €514.3 million, Ebitda at €85.7 million (+21.8%), Ebit at €59.1 million (+25.1%), net profit at €45.8 million (+27.5%).

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Sir Frank Williams received the ‘Bernie Ecclestone Award by Brembo 2014’

11 五月 2015

The Founder and Team Principal of Williams Martini Racing received the ‘Bernie Ecclestone Award by Brembo 2014’, to have contributed to the growth of Formula1, reaching prestigious results thanks to personality and entrepreneurial capability.

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General shareholders’ meeting of Brembo

23 四月 2015

The general shareholders’ meeting approved the 2014 financial statements, an ordinary dividend of € 0.60 per share and an extraordinary dividend of €0.20 per share, and the plan for the buy-back and sale of own shares.

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Brakes that transform into robots? Brembot: an april fool's joke of epic proportions

02 四月 2015

From an idea conceived by a director and a group of creative artists specialising in “character design” the project of a robot made of brake calipers and discs inspired by Brembo was born. Social networks went crazy but it was just a hoax.

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Brembo: ongoing excellence and innovation in the 2015 MotoGP World Championship

26 三月 2015

The renowned brake system manufacturer has focused on optimising brake cooling efficiency with new heavy duty callipers in aluminium with finned casings to improve heat dissipation

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Brembo confirms its commitment to the world's premier racing series as it celebrates 40 years in formula one

12 三月 2015

The Brake By Wire (BBW) system, optimised braking system cooling, innovative brake calipers and advanced in disc technology are just some of the most significant new developments to be introduced for the 2015 season.

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FY 2014 results

05 三月 2015

Brembo: 2014 revenues grew by 15.1% to €1,803.3 million, EBITDA at €279.8 million (+31.1%), EBIT at €178.4 million (+45.3%), net profit at €129.1 million (+45%).

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Performance, design and electronics, introducing the new Brembo braking system.

04 三月 2015

Brembo is taking up the challenge and presenting a new braking system capable of contrasting the power of the new Ferrari 488 GTB.

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