Kilometro Rosso

​​​​​​​​​​​Kilometro Rosso ​Innovation D​istrict

Kilometro Rosso is one of the leading Italian innovation districts, a place where research and business meet, and which acts as a technology transfer agent. Today, the campus hosts 67​ Resident Partners – companies, laboratories, ad research centers – with its 1,9​​00 employees and researchers.​



The district believes in the Open Innovation paradigm, which focuses on activating synergies among individuals with different competencies. This results in the reduction of the time needed to develop innovative solutions to introduce to the market. In order to continue pursuing its mission, Kilometro Rosso offers a variety of services, both directly and through the Resident Partners community.


Created and developed on the bases of a private ownership, Kilometro Rosso chooses an inclusive approach, comprehensive of businesses, universities, geographical territory and institutions, which work together to enhance their value as individual entities, increasing their competitiveness. ​ ​



Being a Resident Partner of Kilometro Rosso means having access to a wide range of relationships and skills, as well as to an architecturally unique context, which covers an area of 40 hectares, in the heart of Lombardy, one of the most advanced industrialized areas in Europe.


Inaugurated in 2009, Kilometro Rosso and its Resident Partners represents a landmark on the international research and technology transfer scene: 29​ laboratories, 31​ funded R&D projects for over 127​​ million Euros, 47 patents filed in 2019​, 7​0,000 delegates from all over the world, 13​0 annual events that promote technological innovation with over 8,000 participants and more than 450,000 registrations per year.


The campus also gains visibility thanks to its “red wall”, designed by Les Ateliers Jean Nouvel, and which is seen by over 100 million vehicles on highway A4 every year.​​​


In order to facilitate Open Innovation and exchange of knowledge, skills, and experiences of diverse groups, Kilometro Rosso gathers multisectoral initiatives, articulated in the following technological clusters: Higher Education, Advanced Materials, Life Sciences, Mechanics and Mechatronics, Energy and Sustainability, Engineering, Prototyping and Design, ICT, Advanced Innovation Services.


Kilometro Rosso is already well connected to the community of Italian and international science parks, being an active member of the IASP (International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation), APSTI (The Italian Scientific and Technological Parks Network) and AIRI (Italian Association for Industrial Research). To build on this, part of the strategic objectives is the establishment of agreements with selected parks and/or players in Europe, and in the rest of the world, to facilitate the exchange of information between resident companies from both sides in an Open Innovation logic. ​



Regarding the start-up ecosystem, Kilometro Rosso is already part of the main circuits in Italy (like, for example, the Gaetano Marzotto Award). Growth in this segment will be pursued through an extension of its reach in the field, building connections with other circuits of national relevance (Unicredit Start-Lab, PNI, Intesa Start-up Initiative, Edison Pulse, etc ...). International reach will be a natural consequence.​





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