All of Brembo's numbers for the 2015 MotoGP Championship


 2015 Brembo MotoGP statistics

In 2015 all 18 MotoGP races were won by bikes equipped with Brembo brakes. But this, fortunately for us, is no longer anything new. Just as it is nothing new for us to have taken all 54 podium finishes of the season in the top category.

But the goal we never thought we would achieve, especially in a championship where everyone has free selection of their braking system supplier, was sweeping all the points. As you certainly know, for each race the first 15 riders to finish are awarded points.  This is not the way it has always been because in 1949 only the first 5 earned points, whereas in 1992 only the first 10 finishers in each GP had the chance to improve their position in the standings.

With 25 or 26 riders on the grid for each GP, the odds that the only bike in the race without Brembo brakes would not place in the top 15 at least once are extremely low:  based on our calculations there was a 1.6 percent chance. And yet, this is exactly what happened because all 2,520 points awarded in the 2015 MotoGP season went to bikes fitted with Brembo brakes.

What's more, the bikes with Brembo brakes proved their worth even on race weekend Saturdays: all the bikes that went through to compete in the 2015 Q2 sessions had Brembo braking systems. This is a sign of the impressive performance of Brembo brakes in qualifying, where many riders pull out all the stops and ride at breakneck speeds in order to put the best possible times on the boards.



In all the 18 Gp, the first row was made up entirely of bikes fitted with Brembo brakes.



In all the 18 races of the 2015 season, Brembo claimed the Hat Trick equipping the bike that won the pole position, fastest lap and victory during the same Grand Prix.



97% LAPS

A total of 9,547 laps were completed by bikes mounting Brembo brakes out of a total of 9,860 laps times throughout the 2015 season.



All the 2,520 point available in the season 2015 were won by bikes with Brembo brakes.




13 teams of 14 have used Brembo brakes during the 2015 season.


100% WIN

This year, 18 wins in 18 races for motorcycles equipped with Brembo brakes.


Once upon a time there was Brembo, the Cinderella of the Motorcycle Grand Prix queen class. It was the end of the 1970s and very few Teams used Brembo brakes, which were little-known outside of Italy.

Years passed and with continuous technological improvements, Brembo acquired increasingly more new customers. Leading to this year, when all of the competing bikes in the queen class, except for Karel Abraham's Honda, used Brembo brakes.

So, it's no surprise that Brembo took a full slate of victories (18 out of 18 races), podium positions (54 out of 54), and leading laps (all of the 443 races). This just proves again that Brembo brakes know how to make the best of the Honda, Yamaha, and Ducati bikes.

Even the returning Suzuki and Aprilia bikes chose to trust Brembo brakes. The current MotoGP almost seems like a mono brake, but with a small difference: it is against the rules to obligate the Teams to use Brembo brakes. The choice is up to them and correlates exclusively to the superior technology of these systems.



All the 216 bike that have reached Q2 qualifications for the 2015 season were equipped with Brembo brakes. 



All the 54 podium finishes available in the 2015 season have gone to bikes equipped with Brembo brakes.




All 448 laps of the 2015 season were led by motorbikes fitted with Brembo brakes.