Mercato di riferimento

Reference market


Reference market

Il Brembo's reference market is composed of the main international manufacturers of motor vehicles, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, in addition to the producers of racing cars and motorbikes.

Thanks to a constant focus on innovation and on developing technologies and processes, factors that are always at the basis of the Brembo philosophy, the Group benefits from a consolidated leadership on the international scene in the research, design and production of high performance braking systems for a wide range of both road and track vehicles, reaching out to both the Original Equipment and Spare Parts markets.


​Brembo is the outright leader in the international market for the production of brake discs, calipers and complete braking systems. Based on its unique know-how, it is capable of spanning a wide market range, from the production of brake discs for the most popular vehicles in the European, American and Japanese markets, to discs for the more prestigious, exclusive models.

The high level of technology and reliability offered by Brembo is the result of the integrated production process that exists within the company. This includes all the phases of the manufacturing process itself, from research and development to testing, and the casting and mechanical processing stages.




This is joined by Brembo's constant commitment in terms of research and development that positions the company at the top of the sector, allowing it to excel both in the production of reliable durable discs and components for the most popular, best-selling vehicles on the market, and also in the supply of state-of-the-art braking systems, designed and created specifically for the most coveted, exclusive vehicles in each category.



Thanks to its global presence, with production facilities in Europe, the USA, Mexico, Brazil and China, Brembo offers a complete product range of Original Equipment (OE) for all the main types of cars and commercial vehicles and for many of the most important international manufacturers, offering them the advantages of centralised process and product development and the benefits of a local presence.

These elements enable the company to be competitive and offer a high quality of service. Similarly, Brembo offers a complete product range of Original Equipment (OE) for all the main types of motorcycles and for many of the most prestigious European, American and Japanese manufacturers.

Brembo also operates in the spare parts market, offering all vehicles the high quality and excellent performance levels typical of the world leader in the braking systems market.