GREENANCE – a fusion of the words “GREEN” and “PERFORMANCE” – is Brembo’s answer to the growing requirement for low environmental impact without any compromise in braking performance.

​The world requires products that have less and less impact on the environment and the automotive sector is no exception. Brembo is therefore committed to optimising production processes and introducing new solutions aimed at better and more sustainable future mobility. Respect for the environment is inseparable from performance. ​


This commitment is the driving force behind GREENANCE, a new line of revolutionary products that looks to reduce environmental impact. The range anticipates the effects of increasingly restrictive future legislation while ensuring braking performance at the highest levels. 

GREENANCE translates into a new aftermarket range of special alloy discs and dedicated brake pads ‒ GREENANCE Kits ‒ which are capable of optimally combining performance and sustainability, reducing PM10 and PM2.5 emissions while increasing disc life as much as three-fold. 

Thanks to the technological know-how gained from Brembo’s continuous research and development, GREENANCE Kits guarantee the highest technical and quality standards, ensuring a reduction in emissions of more than 80 per cent. ​