Brembo Red - Episode 11


 THE HENRY FORD: DRIVEN TO WIN exhibit is featured on this episode of Brembo RED.

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Host Dan Sandberg is joined by curator Matt Anderson and legendary Motorsports Hall of Fame racer Lyn St. James. The exhibit is “a look at the past 125 years of racing in the United States from stock cars to sports cars, Indy, drag racing and even hill climb.” 

Sandberg discusses the interactive pieces of the exhibit with Anderson, including the Brembo sponsored simulators. “The simulators are about as real as you can get without going out onto a physical track. You get caught up in the competition. It’s a great experience.” ​

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St. James discusses her racing career and how she approached racing differently than the men. She also talks about the mental aspect of her racing style and that she is still chasing a competition record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. “That is unfinished business for me . . . I want to get in the 200-mph club at Bonneville. I hope to do it this year.”​




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