5 differences between Brembo Xtra drilled and Brembo Max slotted discs


 Both have something more to offer than standard discs, but they differ from one another because of various benefits

Are you still looking for something “more” in terms of brake discs for your car, but you don't know how to choose between drilled and slotted discs? What are the advantages of each type? What are the drawbacks? Don't worry, Brembo helps you overcome your uncertainties, to slot, or to drill, and at the end of this article, you will know which type of disc is more suited for your needs.

Compared to a standard disc, both ensure better grip, better dispersion of gases and more efficient performance on wet roads. However, to help you to better identify the characteristics of each one, we have compared 5 aspects of the Brembo Xtra discs (drilled) and the Brembo Max discs (slotted): performance, aesthetics, heat dissipation, crack resistance and additional functionality. These are the 5 main differences.

Disco forato Brembo Xtra  

1) Aesthetics

Both discs have a unique and distinctive look compared to the classic smooth disc. The drilled disc is immediately recognizable because of an uncommon characteristic: the holes. The slotted disc, on the other hand, differs from smooth discs because of the "grooves", in other words, the surface grooving. The drilled disc has perhaps an even more aggressive and sporty look compared to its “cousin” with the grooves. But when we talk about aesthetics, everything is subjective. Each person chooses according to personal preference.


2) Heat dissipation

​Both the drills and the grooves have been specifically studied to guarantee heat dissipation greater than the standard discs. Nevertheless, the presence of the holes indicates a greater capacity for heat dissipation during braking compared to what the grooves of slotted discs can guarantee.

Grafico coefficiente di attrito 


3) Resistance to cracks

For all the types of brake discs, and in particular for those with machining on the braking surface like the drilled and slotted discs, Brembo conducts numerous bench and road tests in order to meet the performance and heat-mechanical stress needs of the braking system in the widest range of operating conditions. This prevents the risk of cracks forming in both the drilled and slotted discs. Nevertheless, limited to extreme operating conditions, like those found in racing, the slotted disc boasts superior mechanical resistance than the drilled disc.

Disco Brembo Max  

4) Wear indication

The Brembo Max slotted discs provide the user with a self-assessment of their use through the grooves: when one of them is no longer visible, the disc should be replaced because it has exceeded the minimum legal values and no longer provides the original performance. The Brembo Xtra drilled discs, on the other hand, do not guarantee any terms of comparison between new and used.


​5) Performance

Compared to a standard disc, from the initial braking phases, both the Brembo Xtra drilled discs and the Brembo Max slotted discs ensure greater grip and more responsive and efficient performance of the braking system. Thanks to the discontinuity of the surface (created by the holes or the grooves), both the discs “clean” the pad in the braking phase, regenerating the friction material. Both disrupt the layer of water in the event of driving in the rain and guarantee dissipation of the gases (fading effect) during the most extreme braking. The performance differences between the two solutions are therefore minimal and the operating advantages are practically identical.

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What we learn from this comparison:

Both Brembo Xtra and Brembo Max discs are excellent solutions for those who desire a sporty driving experience, without sacrificing the comfort and durability of the brake discs and pads. Differences are mainly aesthetic and pragmatic. Brembo Xtra discs are more likely to be the best fit for those focusing on the aesthetic appeal, since drilled discs are synonymous with sport for many enthusiasts.

Brembo Max discs, on the other hand, are a better fit for those focused on substance, since the slots, besides being more resistant to cracking - though only in extreme conditions, such as competitions - are also a valid tool when evaluating whether it's time to replace the disc. There's practically no difference in performance, especially for the level of sports driving that applies to the road rather than the racetrack.

Racetrack driving, of course, requires a different class of products specifically designed for use in competitions. In conclusion, the choice becomes purely subjective now that you have all the elements ……and so the decision is yours.


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