Brembo Hackathon: winners of the first edition announced


 Winning the prize among projects of start-ups was DAAV, while Distributed WAVE came first among projects of the teams created by the union of the individual competitors who took part in the event


Yesterday, Sunday 26 June 2022, saw the conclusion of the BREMBO HACKATHON, the first marathon organized by Brembo to rethink the world of mobility and find new solutions outside of traditional innovation processes, in line with its vision: "Turning Energy into Inspiration". 

In the category of digital solutions for the future of mobility, among the start-ups the DAAV project - a robotic transport service for people with reduced mobility in enclosed environments, with a focus on airports - won the € 20,000 prize. Among the projects created by the teams that competed to develop the ecosystem and driving experience of SENSIFY™ (Brembo's new intelligent braking system, which integrates artificial intelligence into the independent control of the vehicle's four wheels), first place was Distributed WAVE - the future of car connectivity, an innovative approach to communication and vehicles that mixes the old with the new, which won €5,000. In second place was Interbrake - efficient braking system with customized driving experience, which won €3,000, and in third place was Safedrive - tailored insurance packages through Sensify’s data and AI, which received €2,000.



The winners, chosen from among the projects of over 100 competitors, were selected by a jury, which was chaired by Daniele Schillaci, Brembo CEO, and composed of: Dino Maggioni, System GBU Chief Operating Officer of Brembo; Mauro Piccoli, Chief Marketing Officer of Brembo; Paolo Rezzaghi, IPR Manager of Brembo; Alessandro Monzani, Head of System Technical Development of Brembo; Antonio Squeo, Chief Innovation and Marketing - Commercial Officer of Hevolus Innovation and Paolo Crippa, Partner - Chief Patent Officer of Jacobacci & Partners.​



"I would like to thank all the participants and winners for the excellent results obtained at the end of the first BREMBO HACKATHON as well as the sponsors for their collaboration," said Daniele Schillaci, CEO of Brembo. "This first event has seen the birth of many new ideas, insights and interesting stimuli, which allow us to look to the future of mobility with renewed confidence.” 

The winners will now have the opportunity to work with Brembo to see their idea realized. ​


The first BREMBO HACKATHON was attended by Italian, as well as French, Indian, Bulgarian, Swiss, Egyptian, Iranian, Belgian, Tunisian, Pakistani, Slovenian, Ugandan and Dutch participants, who came together in teams of three to six people each and competed in an exciting 44-hour non-stop competition. 

The event, which took place at Kilometro Rosso, one of Europe's leading innovation districts, was also supported by: Advanced Electromagnetics, Agrati, Alten, Cappeller, DiRete, Galt (ITT), Gaser, Gefit, Gold Phoenix, Heatking, Hevolus Innovation, Idneo, Jacobacci & Partners, Kuehne+Nagel, Link Engineering, Mitsubishi Chemical, Petroceramics, Planetel, Questel, Tecnobody, Teoresi, TLGB and Trelleborg. ​​