I valori di Brembo

The values

The Brembo values

Ethics, quality, valorisation, proactivity and belonging are the 5 principles covered by the Brembo Value Card, the tool used to indicate definitions and behaviour that corresponds to each of the company's corporate set of values. In this tool everyone can find help in the daily situations which require them to express their belonging to the organisation through their professional role.



Establishing relations between employees and the company based on honesty and respect, placing common interests before individual ones. Basing corporate development on respect for social community and the environment, as well as acting with transparency towards colleagues, customers and suppliers.


RESPONSIBILITY: Playing a leading role, shouldering responsibility for expected solutions and making decisions with promptness, determination, professionalism and credibility. 
TRANSPARENCY: Expressing yourselves openly and clearly, avoiding misunderstandings and exploitations, in order to build up close, loyal and durable relations within and outside the company.


RESPONSIBILITY DEVELOPMENT: Taking personal responsibility for the proper use of all the company’s resources. Foster a spirit of responsibility at all company levels, while maintaining a close focus on one’s own area of responsibility. Be transparent and honest when dealing with people outside the company and with the community as a whole.
CREDIBILITY:  Being an integral part of the company, sharing and promoting its mission, values and objectives. Act properly and professionally within the workplace, transmitting credibility and competence to others.



For Brembo this means the pursuit of excellence, improving and innovating our skills for corporate and personal success. It means dedicated oneself to maximum internal and external customer satisfaction and demonstrating that what we agreed on is definitely what we will provide.


COMMITMENT: Doing things with passion, sharing the company vision and the goals of our area of operations.
LISTENING: Delighting internal and external customers, being constantly attentive to their needs, even if they are not expressed.


CUSTOMER-ORIENTED: Focus activities on the satisfaction of both internal and external customers, always safeguarding the interests of the company. Anticipating the needs of the customers, providing prompt and appropriate responses, according to the level of responsibility.
STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE: Maintaining and monitoring productivity and quality, strictly setting the highest quantitative and qualitative standards. Effectively managing time, even under pressure. Identifying and organising the resources required for the completion of all tasks.
GENERATING CONSENSUS: A strong impact on others in order to obtain cooperation through clear and transparent persuasion, dialectics and negotiation. Delegate on the basis of careful assessment of colleagues in order to obtain approval and commitment. Manage conflicts by using negotiation strategies to influence and persuade others.
SUPPLYING SOLUTIONS: Proving skill and expertise, acting as a reference for others. Systematically linking all the elements of the problems identified and analysed, questioning and consulting different sources to find the best solutions for the different situations.



Being committed to discovering, developing and promoting people’s skills.


CARE: Listening and providing feedback, appreciating a well done job in order to reinforce people’s performance and self-esteem.
TRUST: Believing in the value of other colleagues’ contributions and in their awareness of our value.
HUMILITY: Being able to doubt ourselves, avoiding arrogant stances and accepting dialogue.


SUPPORT: Supporting colleagues in developing their skills and improving their efficiency and performance in order to achieve objectives. Making assessments based on concrete and relevant facts and providing constructive and effective feedback.
IMPACT ON MOTIVATION: Correctly reading and interpreting colleagues’ motivation, providing the right responses to their needs. Being able to stimulate and activate colleagues’ energies to help them achieve pre-set personal objectives.



Anticipating changes as a continuous challenge for success. Promoting innovative solutions that exceed expectations and believing in the choices made to guarantee competitive advantage.


COURAGE: Knowing how to face challenging situations with determination, exceeding the limits in order to seize opportunities.
CHANGE: Interpreting and sharing change to drive business development.


STRATEGIC THINKING: Working with a strategic approach to achieve company objectives. Defining and developing strategies by identifying and promoting positive, competitive outlooks for future company scenarios. Thinking in terms of long-term growth. Communicating one’s vision effectively.
PROMOTING INNOVATION: Generating fresh ideas, visions and approaches, with a strong focus on products, projects and processes. Anticipating and suggesting change and boldly promoting it in all situations.
RISK TAKING: Guiding and making clear and fast decisions that may imply difficult choices and calculated risks, but always effectively managing the consequences. Acting on one’s initiative, gathering all the information required before making decisions.
ADAPTABILITY TO CHANGE: Being able to adapt behaviours when required by the circumstances, turning change into an opportunity. Willing to accept new ideas and proposals, even if these stem from others.



For Brembo this means forming one big team made up of the company, its personnel, customers and suppliers. It means contributing to Brembo's image and reputation and feeling proud of being Brembo and recognised as such. Last, but not least, it means sharing the company plan by knowing the strategies and goals.


STYLE: Everyone at Brembo acts with the utmost mutual respect, adopting measured and suitable behaviours aimed at generating positive impressions.
PARTNERSHIP: Being proactive and collaborative with customers and suppliers, sharing targets and plans to meet mutual needs.  Everyone feels an important part of the corporate processes.


TEAMWORK: Supporting others and displaying willingness and respect in interpersonal relationships. Working effectively with colleagues, employees, customers and suppliers. Behaving properly, displaying clear personal values that correspond to the company values.
EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Clearly expressing and communicating opinions, information and the key points of any argument, considering the specific nature of every person. Being able to express your own disagreement openly and constructively. Responding swiftly to the needs of listeners, paying close attention to reactions and feedback.
DIVERSITY AWARENESS: Relating well with people from different cultures at every level of the organisation. Constructing wide-ranging, varied and effective interpersonal relationships, both inside and outside the organisation, with colleagues, employees, customers and suppliers. Viewing the discovery of diversity as an opportunity for personal and professional enrichment and growth.