Brembo and SBS Friction work together to develop new, increasingly sustainable products


 Replacement of the entire range of Aftermarket pads by 2024


On the occasion of EICMA - International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition, Brembo and SBS Friction announce a strategy aimed at reducing the environmental impact of friction materials for two-wheels.


Thanks to Brembo's many years of experience in the braking systems sector and SBS Friction's strong know-how in the development of brake pads for the motorcycle industry, the two companies have expanded their collaboration, with the aim of developing and using increasingly sustainable processes and materials. This journey will lead to the progressive replacement of the Aftermarket pad range by 2024.​  


Brembo continues to be at the forefront of sustainability. Thanks in part to its experience gained in the four-wheel sector - which has very stringent rules – Brembo has also decided to accelerate its commitment to environmentally sustainable innovation in the two-wheel segment.



Brembo and SBS Friction are responding to the need to reduce the impact on our planet by introducing a new standard for Aftermarket motorbike pads and then for Original Equipment.


Questo percorso, avviato un anno fa con l’acquisizione di SBS Friction da parte di Brembo, è in linea con la missione di diventare “solution provider”, per rispondere ai nuovi paradigmi della mobilità sostenibile e offrire la migliore esperienza di guida possibile.