Brembo Designs Unique Braking System for Ford GT


 Ford and Brembo collaborate on lightweight carbon ceramic brake system and EPB

​DETROIT, (June 6, 2017) - One of the most highly anticipated supercars has hit the road - the Ford GT. In developing one of its most iconic street cars to date, Ford sought a brake system for its latest evolution supercar. Style and performance go hand-in-hand and Ford's search for the premier braking system stopped at Brembo.


Known for developing high-performance braking systems for race cars and street cars Brembo, together with Ford, designed a unique braking system for the road-going Ford GT whose similar technology has been proven on the Ford GT race cars that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans and compete in the IMSA WeatherTech Championship and the World Endurance Championship.

Making Ford history, the Ford GT will have the award-winning carbon ceramic (CCM) rotors with dedicated high performance brake pads on the front and the rear for the first time.

CCM discs are exceptionally lightweight, more than 50 percent lighter than cast-iron - and display an increase in performance at elevated temperatures.
In addition, the Ford GT will have a Brembo electro-mechanical parking brake (EPB).



"Brembo is proud and excited to be the brake of choice to stop the 647 hp Ford GT," said Dan Sandberg, president and chief executive officer, Brembo North America.

"Our group has been working with the Ford engineering team simultaneously on the Ford GT race cars that are competing and winning now and have carried those lessons learned to the Ford GT street model: lightweight technology wins on the track and the street.

The two-piece CCM brakes on the Ford GT deliver a 50 percent weight savings over typical cast iron braking systems.

Not only are they lightweight, but the consumer choice of five caliper colors makes every Ford GT a personal design statement."


Leveraging Brembo's reputation for performance and style, five colors are available as an optional upgrade on the Ford GT.

In addition to the standard six-piston, monobloc anodized black calipers with carbon ceramic rotors, optional caliper color options include Silver, Blue, Orange and Red.

All calipers feature the trademark Brembo logo in Black. Another key component on the rear braking system is the unique-to-Brembo electro-mechanical parking brake (EPB).
The EPB function is delivered by a lightweight stand-alone black anodized aluminum caliper and governed by a software developed by Brembo and embedded in the vehicle ESC unit.
The Brembo EPB system operates both automatically and at the touch of a button, eliminating the cables that are typical with hand and foot-pedal parking brake systems.



Brembo Ford GT Front CCM Brakes:
• Brembo six-piston, monobloc, fixed bridge, radial mounted aluminum caliper
• Fronts measure 394 mm x 36 mm rotors • Low fluid displacement design improves pedal feel and stiffness
• Exposed fluid lines on caliper allow for increased cooling
• Optimized cooling system designed by Ford and Brembo maximizes CCM performance
• Brake ducts fixed to caliper and articulate with the steering for maximum cooling

Brembo Ford GT Rear CCM:
• Four-piston monobloc aluminum caliper with 360 mm x 32 mm CCM rotor
• Rear caliper radially mounted and optimized for stiffness
• Rear brakes also have the specialized cooling ducts for the CCM rotors and pads
• Standalone axel mounted EPB is the ideal lightweight solution for parking

Brembo Electro-mechanical Parking Brake (EPB):
• The EPB caliper is managed by a Brembo software, embedded in the ESC unit
• Eliminating a host of parts and cables from typical hand or foot actuated parking brake



Brembo Ford GT Race Car Brakes:

• Lightweight aluminum six-piston Brembo calipers with 380 mm x 34 mm cast iron rotors on the front (CCM not allowed for GT cars).
• Four-piston calipers with 355 mm x 32 mm rotors on the rear.
• Much of the brake cooling geometry hidden in the Ford GT race car carries over to the street car for maximum braking efficiency.
• The Chip Ganassi No. 68 Ford GT driven by Joey Hand, Sébastien Bourdais and Dirk Müller won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2016 on Brembo brakes.