Brembo Red - Episode 7


 Brembo RED talks NEW Bronco, NEW Polestar and dives into aftermarket braking with host Dan Sandberg.

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Mark Grueber, Ford Bronco marketing executive, details all things Bronco with Brembo RED. From the internal sell job to resurrect the iconic off-roader to the technology in the a​ll-new Jeep fighter that hits dealerships in eight months.​

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Robert Caravati joins the conversation to discuss the aftermarket/do-it-yourself brake business and how Brembo delivers quality and is expanding its footprint in this competitive marketplace.



Polestar just introduced the all-new all-electric Polestar 2. Scandinavian inspired design is evident along with big performance and stopping power explained by Gregor Hembrough, CEO of Polestar NA.



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