Brembo Red - Episode 12


 THE FUTURE OF CAR CULTURE and ELECTRIC vs. HYDROGEN discussion drives this episode of BREMBO RED from the Concours d’Elegance of America.

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McKeel Hagerty of Hagerty Insurance, and Michael Robinet, Executive Director at IHS Markit, join host Dan Sandberg to talk new and old cars, car culture and the future of the auto business. 

MORE LIKE A CLUB than an insurance company, Sandberg discusses how and why Hagerty Insurance has morphed into a CAR CULTURE MEDIA giant. In addition to insurance, the company now owns FOUR CAR SHOWS and is focusing on increasing the younger generation’s appreciation for cars and car collecting.

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The GLOBAL MICROCHIP SHORTAGE has stunned the auto business. Michael Robinet talks about the supply chain and why a part as big as a penny is so important to the automotive industry. Robinet predicts WHEN INVENTORIES WILL RETURN to dealer lots. ​




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