Brembo introduces all new braking system for dirt and asphalt late model applications


 With over 45 years of racing experience and countless hours of R&D in one system – The Brembo Late Model package is engineered with the racer in mind.




Brembo forged aluminum calipers use an asymmetrical radial mounted design which creates unsurpassed pedal feel. Combined with unique seal and groove technology taken from our own championship winning NASCAR cup braking systems, Brembo has created the stiffest low drag caliper available today.




Late model discs available in popular sizes for dirt and asphalt applications. Brembo avoids using 3rd party suppliers and manufacturers their own late model brake rotors in North America using an exclusive blend of premium metallurgy for the best possible combination of thermal stability, weight and long life.



Brembo offers a variety of brake pad options allowing drivers to tailor this system to their needs based on driving style, surface and/or track configuration.




Brake Fluid 

Brembo HTC64 Premium brake fluid features the lowest amount of compressibility available, while offering extremely high boiling temperatures, wet or dry.




 Asphalt Super Late Model​



Asphalt Pro Late Model

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Asphalt Tour Modified

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Late Model Stock

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​“The Brembo Late Model brake system is designed specifically for competitors looking for that next level in stopping performance,”​ said Dan Sandberg, Brembo North America president and CEO. “The demands of Late Model racing drove the design of the system and will offer racers on dirt or on pavement a higher level of stopping power, pedal feel, reliability, and serviceability. Competitors will get Brembo performance with a price point that is in line with the spirit of Late Model competition.


Brembo Late Model System includes: 

· Brembo aluminum Late Model calipers 

· Cast-iron, balanced rotors 

· Brake pads, several compounds available based on driver’s preference 

· Mounting hardware​


For Ordering information contact: 

Tom Fleegle - Circle Track Program Mgr for Brembo North America 

Tel: (734) 892-4523

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