Brembo achieves 75% renewable energy globally, CO2 emissions decline


 Annual Sustainability Report: Brembo presents activities and results achieved in every ESG area – environmental, social, and governance.

Brembo, a global leader in braking systems, today releases its 2023 Sustainability Report, achieving ambitious milestones. In 2023, CO2 emissions per unit of finished product were reduced by 9.5%. The use of electricity from renewable sources increased, reaching an unprecedented level of 75% globally, while in three countries – Italy, Mexico, and Brazil – the use of renewable sources covered 100%. 

Being sustainable and continuing to grow while creating value is a complex challenge for an industrial and global Group like Brembo,” stated Cristina Bombassei, Brembo’s Chief CSR Officer. “This doesn’t undermine our determination, and the results we achieve encourage us to do even better. We are convinced that our way of doing business can and must make a difference in the territories where we operate. We are experiencing a period of increasing environmental and social awareness, and this requires all companies to take increasingly impactful, concrete, and transparent sustainable actions.


In the 2023 Sustainability Report, Brembo’s commitment to natural resource management also emerges, with the aim of promoting process and product circularity. In particular, the report highlights Brembo’s adoption of solutions for water recovery and use of secondary raw materials, such as processing residues and scrap ferrous materials. Additionally, the Group pays attention to the recovery of waste generated during production. In 2023, Brembo facilitated the recovery of over 440 thousand tons of waste produced, approximately 88% of the total. 

In promoting the sustainable development of the Group, Brembo involves its global team of over 15,600 people in 15 countries, incentivizing them to propose innovative projects. The best ideas are rewarded every year with the Brembo Sustainability Awards, reaching the fifth edition in 2023 with 57 projects submitted. 

Furthermore, Brembo is committed to actively involving its supply chain. In 2023, the Group organized the Net Zero Supply Chain Workshop, an event attended by around 300 key suppliers with the aim of accelerating the decarbonization process of the supply chain. 

Thanks to its commitments on the environmental front, in 2023 Brembo was recognized by CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) as a global leader in its action against climate change and water resource management, scoring A- in both categories. 

In Brembo, sustainability is also expressed through projects supporting education, training, and research, sports, art and culture, social welfare, and child protection, particularly focused in the areas where the Group operates worldwide. 

Through virtuous collaboration with local NGOs, Brembo has initiated several social programs around the world over the years. Among these, one of the longest standing is “House of Smile” in India, a hub and three multiservice centers with spaces dedicated to education, psychological support, medical care, and vocational training, which since its inception in 2017 has welcomed over 5,000 beneficiaries, including women and children living in conditions of severe vulnerability on the outskirts of the city of Pune. 

Brembo has long embarked on a structured path of sustainability, with concrete actions and results, formalized in 1999 with the publication of the first Intangible Capital Report, a precursor to the current Sustainability Report, now in its ninth edition. In 2018, Brembo joined the UN’s 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The full 2023 Sustainability Report can be accessed at this address: Report and presentations | Brembo - Official Website