Created with the collaboration of various Kawasaki divisions, the Ninja H2R stands out from the competitions bikes with the use of its supercharged engine, a solution that was all the rage in the eighties, but seemed to have been shelved definitively. Thanks to a modification made to the compressor that ensures higher supercharging pressure, it reaches an incredible 310 HP that goes up to 326 HP with the airbox pressurized. But this compressor, having been developed specifically for the occasion, expresses high values of efficiency with a wide range of engine rpms and speeds. The fairings are in carbon fiber and it mounts small winglets where the mirrors would be. The number one bike.

To tame such a beast, Kawasaki chose the best: a pair of 330 mm diameter and 5.5 mm thick semi-floating discs and Stylema™ calipers, both Brembo. Compared to the already outstanding M50 caliper that equipped the previous Ninja H2R versions, the Stylema™​ in aluminum with 4 opposing pistons (30 mm diameter each) saves some weight (- 9% at the same rigidity), better cooling (the brake fluid temperature is reduced by up to 10 percent) and consistent superior performance. For the occasion, Brembo also developed a specific friction material for this and other Kawasakis in the Hypersport segment.

*The 231-horsepower Kawasaki Ninja H2 should be in second place in these rankings. However, in order to avoid bikes from the same family and so that we can look at several different models, we are only presenting the best. Besides, the Ninja H2 has the same braking specs as the Ninja H2R.



How much power your bike has is not the only thing that counts, but also how suitable the braking system is: it is no coincidence that all 5 of the most powerful models in the world are not only equipped with Brembo brakes, but also with the top Brembo technology for the OEM calipers (4 out of 5 bikes use Brembo Stylema™​ calipers, whereas the BMW HP4 RACE even uses a racing-derivative caliper).​



For all those who are not lucky enough to have as much (braking) power as the owners of the 5 bikes we have just discussed, they can always rectify the situation by using products from the Brembo High Performance range on their bikes.​

This range includes Brembo products which, counting on this extraordinary wealth of technical knowledge and experience, allow you to increase the character and performance of your bike with track-tested components.​

The Brembo RCS “Corsa Corta” radial brake master cylinder, for example, lets you choose powerful or modulated braking, depending on the road conditions, the weather, your style and the feeling you want to have with your bike.​

​​The SuperSport and T-Drive lines include floating discs, made up of steel braking bands and a billet machined aluminum housing: both are available in the same dimensions as the OEM equipment or even over-sized. ​


Lastly, as for the calipers, the Brembo High Performance range offers various lines of front and rear calipers for the most demanding riders. ​

Find out which Brembo products are available for your bike and where you can purchase them.​​​




Find out which Brembo brake pads are available for your bike and where you can purchase them.