The 2016 edition of the Brembo Friction Catalogue presents itself in its classic multi-product format

The 2016 edition of the Brembo Friction Catalogue presents itself in its classic multi-product format, which allows for very easy and rapid identification of the desired vehicle with the relative spare part components: discs and pads and/or drums and shoes.


The design has been completely refreshed and updated with the latest products on the market. This new edition of the Brembo Friction catalogue offers a range of discs and pads that has almost reached 3,000 part numbers (more than 1,500 discs and over 1,400 pads) and a range of 1,000 codes of drums and shoes, which is, without a doubt, among the most complete list currently available on the market.

The catalogue features the TecDoc vehicle classification, just as it was in the previous version, offering significant advantages in terms of standardisation and uniformity in the part numbers and the convenience of having highly accurate and updated univocal information in three different formats: the printed catalogue, the on-line catalogue and TecDoc.

Among the new developments of the products inserted in the Brembo Friction catalogue, a highlight is the new range of Premium discs which is dedicated to higher performing cars and has been adopted directly from the original equipment.

This range of Premium discs comprises exclusive floating discs for extreme sporty cars and composite discs for the more prestigious production cars. Both solutions guarantee lightness and superior performance thanks to the use of an aluminium hub and special alloy cast iron braking surface with high carbon content.



The new edition of the Friction catalogue is also characterised by a remarkable broadening of the range of UV coated discs (all of the codes end in “.x1”). With more than 700 items currently available, the range of discs with the special anti-corrosion UV coating is much appreciated and frequently requested by contemporary drivers, who are also more keen on the aesthetic details of the product.

Brembo's on-line catalogue at has also been restyled: for each application researched, all of the available Brembo products are displayed, including the hydraulic components and the new line of brake fluid. The website boasts more than 700,000 unique visitors per year. The analogous APP, Brembo Parts, available for both Android and Apple devices, has had over 40,000 downloads