Small is nice, but light is better!


 To improve the performance of some models in the small-medium engine size range that are also characterised by matured sporting know - like the Honda CBR250R ABS, Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS, KTM Duke ABS (125 and 390) and Yamaha YZF-R3 ABS - without affecting engine power, turn to the new range of Marchesini wheels.

For those who choose a streamlined sport bike with small to medium engine size, Brembo offers a range of Marchesini wheels designed specifically to improve the performance and aesthetics of these more moderate bikes.


Traditionally made for the more popular Superbikes, the Marchesini M10RS Kompe wheels are now available for small to medium sport bikes like the Honda CBR250R ABS, Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS, KTM Duke ABS (125 and 390) and Yamaha YZF-R3 ABS. The weight of these is up to 40% less than that of the original wheels.

The 10-spoke Marchesini M10RS Kompe forged aluminium rims offer utmost robustness and are very lightweight. Additionally, because the wheel is forged and not fused, there is the advantage of greater fibre continuity in the metal alloy, which improves the mechanical properties of resistance and enables the use of lighter rims to obtain superior dynamic characteristics.

Marchesini wheels  


The benefits of the Marchesini wheels are very clear: the wheels, together with the tires, are the most important unsuspended rotating masses on a motorcycle. This means that their weight influences the acceleration of the bike significantly because the engine torque has to accelerate these masses and reducing them improves the bike's overall acceleration.

Another benefit the Marchesini M10RS Kompe wheels provide is greater manageability, because in reducing the gyroscopic effect, the bike changes direction more easily. The third advantage that mounting Marchesini M10RS Kompe wheels has is seen once again in turning because the brakes are applied to a lower weight.

Marchesini wheels  



The M10RS Kompe is a 10-spoke wheel in forged aluminium, characterised by a Y drawing that is likely to become an out-and-out classic over time.

Loved and desired by generations of two-wheel enthusiasts, the M10RS Kompe is an example of the perfect balance of technological content, aesthetic elements and a cost that is in line with the spending possibilities of most riders.


Thirty years of experience in working with light alloy wheels and an enviable portfolio of successes: Marchesini quality meets the needs, in terms of pricing, of all aficionados. Extensive experience on the track mingles with the creativity and intuition of skilled designers. This is what gave birth to the Marchesini rims. They are designed for all two-wheel fans who strive to equip their bike with the best, from aesthetics to service.

High technology, but style and unmistakeable design as well: a bike that has Marchesini wheels is recognised at first glance. Classy meets sporty: this perfect, unique blend is bound to become a reference point for those who believe technology ought to be at the service of beauty.