​Brembo puts its technological know-how and unrivalled experience to work for the professional, producing extremely reliable braking systems for every category of commercial and industrial vehicle. These vehicles, whether light (up to 6 tonnes), medium (from 6 to 16 tonnes) or heavy (over 16 tonnes), demand superior braking power as the braking system is subjected to repeated, frequent loads in varying road conditions.

The work demanded of a braking system and the heat that it must dissipate during braking are directly proportional to the mass of the vehicle and the speed it is travelling at when braking starts. The brakes therefore have to work hardest when the vehicle is fully loaded and at maximum operating speed - conditions that are relatively common for a commercial vehicle.

As a result, the braking system is subject to more stress than other vehicles, making it all the more crucial that it be suitable for the application. Brembo responds to these requisites by supplying all the major manufacturers in the segment with original braking systems that set the standards for quality, reliability and durability.