Brembo’s pioneering new intelligent braking system integrates artificial intelligence to offer a unique driving experience and total safety.​

SENSIFY is the new Brembo intelligent braking system that integrates an electronic “brain” in the form of the most advanced software based on artificial intelligence with the company’s braking components: calipers, discs and friction materials. SENSIFY represents the natural evolution of Brembo’s know-how and design, with the integration of a digital control system and sensors that manage each wheel independently.


The artificial intelligence and software components use data to allow the system to be constantly updated and highly customisable, and to improve the driving experience. Thanks to the optimised braking action on each wheel – combined with the absence of drag between pads and discs, which minimizes emissions – SENSIFY is also a more sustainable braking solution. 

With SENSIFY, Brembo extends the boundaries of what is possible with a braking system, which is no longer simply the sum of its parts but a real ecosystem. Intuitive, responsive, with unrivalled control, SENSIFY offers the driver total safety and maximum driving pleasure.