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Our vision of Corporate Social Responsibility

Cristina Bombassei, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, explains Brembo’s vision of Corporate Social Responsibility
and the importance of the Sustainability Report for the Group




Dear All,

It is with immense pride that today, in my capacity as Chief CSR Officer, I am presenting the Brembo Group’s “Consolidated Statement on Non-Financial Information”.
This is a reporting tool designed to offer all of our stakeholders — ranging from our employees to the shareholders, our suppliers and every one of Brembo’s stakeholders right across the continents in which we operate —  the opportunity to know and assess the Group’s conduct, commitment, progress and results in the area of social responsibility and hence, inter alia, respect for the environment, employees, human rights and the fight against corruption.

In fact, Brembo’s DNA is rooted in these very aspects, and hence focused on those Group principles and values that we ask every one of our staff and every partner, in Italy and worldwide, to respect and adopt as their own.
Over the years, these principles and values have contributed to a development that takes account, in a balanced manner, both of the interests of the company and its Shareholders, and of the world around us.
Today, Brembo is a company with which more than 9,800 people work — a higher number that last year — in 15 countries, across 3 different continents.

These people represent a wealth of experience, passion and expertise and Brembo offers them opportunities for professional growth, a stimulating and rewarding work environment, as well as a rich training and development offering. ​

In 2017 alone, the Group provided a total of more than 195,000 hours of training, including on environment, health, safety and compliance. 

Brembo maintains a strong focus on the environment and the activities related to it: in fact, in 2017 the Environment & Energy Department was set up with the specific aim of defining the Group’s strategies in this area, continuing to steadily reduce the environmental impact of our sites, which are subject to systematic monitoring and reporting.

We have invested in and are finalising investments to reduce energy consumption and atmospheric emissions, as well as to minimise waste and industrial scrap and increase waste reuse and recycling, applying best practice and the most stringent standards to guarantee top performance levels.

It was no coincidence that Brembo was recognised in 2017 by Carbon Disclosure Project — an independent organisation that monitors the commitment to reduce the causes of climate change — as one of the top companies worldwide and included on the “A List” of the Climate Change programme, with particular reference to carbon dioxide emissions, considered to be one of the main factors responsible for global warming.

In addition, on this front the Group has already defined and disclosed specific medium- and long-term objectives that are in line with the Carbon Disclosure Project’s guidelines and meet the requirements laid down by COP21, for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: by 2025, Brembo is committed to reducing direct and indirect emissions by 19%, compared to the levels measured in 2015, through actions aimed to improve the efficiency of plants and increase the percentage of energy used that comes from renewable sources.

Brembo’s responsible commitment is also expressed at community level: our Group has strong ties to the local areas in which it operates and it pays attention to the needs of these areas, supporting local communities through various projects and initiatives, particularly in sectors such as education, training, research and child protection (such as the “House of Smile” projects in India — helping women and children living in vulnerable situations — and “SOSteniamoci” in Italy — a programme assisting a group of foreign unaccompanied minors or youth who have just come of age along a path to independent social and economic living), without forgetting art, culture and sport.

We are a steadily growing Group, in Italy and worldwide, but our principles and values continue to be those that have always underpinned the way we operate: those of a socially responsible company, which looks carefully and respectfully at the expectations of all of its stakeholders. ​​



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