Automoblox with Brembo Brakes displayed at 2015 Concours d’Elegance

Brembo and Automoblox launch partnership. Brembo collaborates with the award winning, premium toy company, Automoblox®. The partnership between Brembo and Automoblox makes its debut at the 2015 Concours d'Elegance of America.

As a leader in product design, innovation and high quality construction, Automoblox is one of the world's premier automotive brands just for children. With Automoblox, young people develop vital cognitive skills while mixing and matching the interchangeable wooden body parts, stylish wheels, colorful tires and translucent roofs. The Brembo brake system is the latest mix-and-match feature with a tactile "twist-off" interchangeable function.

As part of the Brembo and Automoblox partnership, nearly all 2016 Automoblox cars will be equipped with Brembo brakes, calipers and rotors. Like real life Brembo brake systems on the recently launched Corvette, Cadillac CTS-V and ATS-V, Automoblox’s Brembo calipers come in a variety of colors with three different rotor designs. The Brembo-equipped Automoblox cars are approximately 7.5 inches long, 3 inches high and 4.5 inches wide.


"Brembo's association with Automoblox will put Brembo components in the hands of future generations of car buyers," said Dan Sandberg, Brembo North America president and chief executive officer. "Brembo is the leader and innovator of brake technology in both functionality and design. It is fitting that we partner with Automoblox, a company that is using technology and innovation to set new standards in automotive toys."

"Our partnership with Brembo is the cornerstone of a fresh, new Automoblox," said Patrick Calello, Automoblox co-founder and principal designer. "We're car enthusiasts and this partnership with Brembo underscores our passion for the automotive industry and enthusiast community. I work on Brembo brakes in my garage and now kids all over the world can play for the first time with Brembo brakes in their homes and playrooms. As a global leader and innovator in brake technology, Brembo is the perfect partner for Automoblox."

In addition to producing high-quality products, Brembo was instrumental in incorporating design elements into its premium brake systems. Brembo first introduced colored calipers in the 1980s, adding visually appealing elements to the design of automobiles.


Automoblox echoes that innovative philosophy in its ground-breaking mix-and-match toy system.

The combination of natural wood, brilliantly colored plastic components and innovative construction has made Automoblox a revered and emulated icon in the toy industry.

An interactive Automoblox exhibit is housed inside the Brembo tent at the 2015 Concours d'Elegance of America. Children of all ages can create mix-and-match Brembo-equipped Automoblox and play with them inside the tent.