BMW HP4 Race: Brembo brakes for the fastest BMW ever


 700 samples worth 80.000 Euros for the special limited edition BMW and for exclusive use on the track.

​Brembo, which has always been the absolute gold standard for the production of very high performance brakes, is proud to announce the creation of a tailor made braking system for the new BMW HP4 RACE. The limited edition (750 vehicles) HP4 RACE is a full-blown racing bike, both in terms of weight, thanks to a carbon fiber chassis weighing a mere 7.8 kg, and speed: with an engine that guarantees 215 hp at 13,900 rpm and 120 Nm maximum torque at 10,000 rpm.

To ensure the highest quality when braking, Brembo selected a series of high-performance technical solutions, exclusively using top-of-the-line racing parts used for the most important championships around the world.




A sport bike like the HP4 RACE could have no less than the monobloc calipers derived from the MotoGP:

these are known as GP4-PR, where PR stands for "Production Racer", because the calipers are obtained from a single block of metal and feature titanium pistons and gaskets developed for racing bikes.

The steel discs with T-Drive technology and the lowered braking band, as well as the Z04 racing pads, the gold standard in the racing market, all come from the World Superbike Championship.

The radial brake master cylinder was also obtained from a single block and features the 19 mm pump and 18 mm interaxis commonly used in Moto2.



GP4-PR (Production Racer)

The new GP4- Production Racer caliper represents a step forward in the evolution of Brembo calipers: its innovative quality lies in the use of topology optimization* deriving from the experience acquired by Brembo in MotoGP.

With the aid of this pioneering software, it has been possible to optimize the geometry of the caliper body, revolutionizing the accepted notions of competition caliper styling and raising the engineering and performance level of the product.

Machined entirely from billet stock using the latest CAD-CAM technologies, this caliper is very light, and features a mass/stiffness ratio second to none in its class.

The body is designed with a central bridge structure, which also has the effect of increasing its overall stiffness.



Brembo's experience at the top of world motorsport championships is reflected directly in the nickel-plated body, which not only creates a highly attractive look but has also allowed the designers to improve machining tolerances, achieving added benefits in terms of performance and operating precision.

The monobloc GP4-PR caliper has four pistons of different diameter made of titan, to maintain a constant friction coefficient and components used in racing, to give the best performances during braking.

The GP4-PR is a race caliper, using all the components applied in Superbike *Topology optimization software, used for simulation purposes, allows the designer to construct a mathematical model describing the stiffness of a component, starting from a given reference geometry.

Simulating the operation of a component, through iterative procedures, the software automatically identifies the material not required and proceeds to eliminate it.

The result is a new geometry that offers exceptional material utilization, and optimizes the performance, stiffness and weight of the component.




A product of experience acquired in SBK and MotoGP, the T-Drive is the next generation of product reflecting the natural evolution of Brembo brake discs engineered for competition use.

The key feature of the T-drive system is an innovative method of transferring brake torque from disc to wheel, in which the conventional system of cylindrical bobbins are replaced by a set of eight “T” pins on the disc and eight corresponding segments formed in the disc carrier.

The special shape of the pins was developed following a targeted study of machining tolerances and ensures braking torque can be transmitted more efficiently, by offering increased resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses, especially under extreme operations such as those encountered in competition.



The connection between disc and carrier is assured by a special T-shaped connector (patented), which allows both radial and axial float, as well as reducing the overall weight of the disc.

This brings considerable advantages in terms of enhanced rideability, when compared with the conventional disc-carrier connecting system using round bobbins.

Other significant improvements achieved with the T-drive design are a steadier level of efficiency and a more effective bedding-in of disc and pads, thanks to the use of a braking surface — made of steel identical to that of SBK and MotoGP discs — that features a new layout of the mixed diameter ventilation holes.

The width of the braking surface has also been optimized: more exactly, the band has been made narrower while maintaining a thickness of 6,75 mm, thereby minimizing weight and inertia, and making the bike that much more comfortable to handle.

The carrier is anodized charcoal black, as on the latest generation of Racing discs.

An attractive feature in its own right is the logo, imprinted on the carrier and painted in the familiar Brembo red, another clear indicator of the product’s racing image.


Brembo Racing Z04

Brembo offers a comprehensive range of Brembo Racing and High Performance brake pads. The Brembo Racing Z04 compound, used on the BMW HP4 Race, designed for competitions, offer maximum performance even in the most extreme situations.

Better braking control, system stability, increased braking power, resistance to high temperatures, low wear and easy running in: these are all features offered by Brembo Racing Z04.

The outcome is an extraordinary feeling in tune with the bike’s braking system. Moreover, the Brembo Racing Z04 compound, is used by most Superbike and Supersport Championship teams and now available also for Superstock.

The huge success of this product means that these Brembo Racing brake pads are also proposed in a wide range for road and racing bikes alongside original equipment calipers.

All Brembo Racing products are researched, designed and manufactured for use in races and on private circuits. The compounds used in the friction material are therefore unsuitable for everyday driving conditions and on-road use is very inadvisable.