Brembo brakes for the 5 most powerful bikes in the world


 The top 5 most powerful stock motorcycles in the world all leave the factory with a Brembo braking system



Powerful and beautiful. When you talk about motorcycles, there is no point beating around the bush. Horsepower and torque always have an irresistible attraction for enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, you can have the most powerful bike in the world, but unless all you're going to do is drag race, the brakes are just as important, not only for safety, but also for performance. The MotoGP riders know this and it is not by chance that they have unanimously relied in Brembo braking systems since 2016.

In fact, all the margin gained in acceleration thanks to the engine power, can go up in smoke with a braking system that isn't up to the task and which could lead to a longer braking distance.

Aware of all these critical issues, the most important motorcycle manufacturers in the world use Brembo braking systems as original equipment on their flagship models. This is confirmed by the fact that the top 5 most powerful stock motorcycles in the world leave the factory with a Brembo braking system, adapted to their respective needs.

A combination that confirms the performance and reliability of Brembo brakes, even when they are dealing with the most powerful bikes in the world.

All that's left is to “get in the saddle” to find out which bikes are the five most powerful on the market and with which type of Brembo brakes they mount.




When the Brutale first came out, it redefined the meaning of the term "sport naked". The introduction of the Brutale 1000 Serie Oro set the bar even higher, exploiting all of Mv Agusta's experience in the World Superbike Championship. This edition, limited to 300 units, stands out for its many peculiarities that increased its power and reduced its weight: from the pistons with low friction segments to the brand-new engine, from the redesigned combustion chamber to the carbon fiber wheels, not to mention the billet elements. The final result is a bike with a dry weight of 405.7 lbs and a 208 HP engine with maximum torque of 115 Nm at 9,300 rpm. Mv Agusta was back to being intimidating.

Contributing to the new evolutionary step of the fastest sport naked in the world were also the technical solutions created by Brembo, first and foremost, the Stylema™​ caliper: compared to the calipers that came before it, Stylema™​ was lightened around pistons and pads, reducing the internal spaces occupied by the brake fluid, so that it would be more responsive. All without compromising in any way whatsoever the rigidity of the caliper itself and therefore braking efficiency even with intensive use. On the Brutale 1000 Serie Oro, the Stylema™​ grips Brembo floating discs that are 320 mm in diameter and 5 mm thick, the ideal combination of braking power, and a radial brake master cylinder, also Brembo 16/21.