MotoGP: the best “last of the late brakers” of Autodromo del Mugello


 The best five “last of the late brakers” of Autodromo del Mugello


The Autodromo del Mugello, which hosts the sixth round of 2019 MotoGP World Championship, offers attractive features.

It’s not a particularly demanding circuit for the braking systems, with the exception of the first cut out after the finish line.

According to the data supplied by Brembo technical team, when braking at the end of the slope before San Donato bend, speed slows down from max. 355​ km/h to 93 km/h.

This manoeuvre takes 6 seconds in 334​ metres. During this phase, the temperature of carbon brake discs reaches about 700°C.



The data recorded by the telemetry of their respective teams throughout the race weekend is collected by Brembo engineers, who equip all MotoGP riders with their products, and is analyzed through a complex math methodology that takes into account different technical parameters such as braking point, maximum deceleration, maximum lever pressure, braking time and more.

Thanks to the values obtained, the standings of the best “last of the late brakers” – i.e., those who begin braking closer to the chord point of San Donato bend – have been assessed..

The best five “last of the late brakers”:

Andrea DoviziosoDucati​Ducati Racing Team
​Marc Marquez 
Honda​Repsol Honda Team
Valentino RossiYamaha​Yamaha Factory Racing Team
Danilo PetrucciDucati​Ducati Racing Team
Cal CrutchlowHonda​LCR Honda Team​