The monobloc for exclusive use on the track was presented at EICMA


The GP4 caliper family has been completed with the arrival of the new Brembo GP4-rr​, the ultra-high-performance monobloc racing caliper. Already known to fans, it returns technically updated and with a completely new look.

Designed for track enthusiasts and those who want something truly innovative from their motorbike calipers, the new Brembo GP4-rr​ takes its inspiration from the monobloc caliper developed for MotoGP and makes it available to the general public, exclusively for use on the track.

The all-new Brembo GP4-rr​ caliper is presented with a totally different look, inspired by the lines and technologies of Brembo’s futuristic racing calipers and echoing the design of the GP4-ms, the company´s first monobloc caliper made from a single piece, which is also available for road use. ​

With the aim of optimizing stiffness and guaranteeing low weight, the new Brembo GP4-rr​ caliper is completely machined from billet with the help of the latest CAD/CAM technology, resulting in a leading mass to rigidity ratio in its category. In addition, thanks to the use of simulation software it was possible to optimize the shape of the caliper body, revolutionizing the typical style of competition calipers and moving the product’s technical and performance levels even higher

The Brembo GP4-rr​ monobloc caliper comes with a hard-anodized finish, a treatment developed for racing competition that prevents wear on the caliper body, guaranteeing performance over time.

The component is completed by four, titanium pistons of 32-36mm diameter. It can also accommodate brake pads with an increased surface area compared to the previous version, further increasing braking performance.

Like all Brembo racing components, the caliper is sold without pads and comes complete with all the hardware required for assembly, plus the relevant instructions. The kit is also enhanced by the same heat-transfer adhesives used in MotoGP, allowing riders to check the operating temperature reached by the calipers after each session.​​