The right Brembo brake discs to choose to get the best braking performance from the Mini (R50, R53)


 Classic looks, cross-drilled or slotted brake rotors or advanced motorsports solutions Brembo offers 4 different brake disc lines for the Mini (R50, R53): there's something for everyone!

​​It feels like only yesterday that you drove out of the dealer with your gleaming Mini (R50, R53). Update your brakes to bring back the braking performance you were once used to!
Brake disks are a very important part of the braking system of a car, but not all disks are the same, and neither are brands. Why take the risk of choosing a product from an unknown brand? Brembo has scored hundreds of victories in motor racing over the past 40 years.
Brembo knows everything there is to know about brakes, and has selected 4 different solutions to give your Mini (R50, R53) the best braking system possible. Brembo recommends always replacing the brake pads together with the disks. When changing the pads, on the other hand, it is not necessary to change the disks as well.


Brembo Original

Undrilled and without slots, Brembo Original disks are the simplest solution for replacing the worn disks on your car with quality products. The undrilled, unslotted rotors of these disks offer a comfortable drive and increased brake pad life.
Some brands recommend disks which only look similar to the original components fitted to you Mini (R50, R53). Brembo, on the other hand, offers you exactly the same discs that your car had when it left the assembly line!
With advanced solutions regarding ventilation, paint treatment and the composition of the cast iron used to manufacturer these disks themselves, depending on the specific model of car, Brembo brake disks offer a number of advantages over their rivals.
PVT Pillar Vented Technology: this is a disc with a special pillar ventilation configuration patented by Brembo which improves the resistance of the disc to thermal cracking by 40 percent compared with a disc with conventional vanes.
High Carbon: the high percentage of carbon in the chemical make up of the cast iron used reduces the vibration and noise perceived on board the car.
UV paint treatment: as well as giving the disc an attractive metallic finish, the ultra-violet (UV) cured paint process is also extremely energy efficient. By choosing UV technology, Brembo has reduced the energy usage and CO2 emissions of its disc painting process by 98%!

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Brembo aftermarket disc in cast iron with pillar venting 


Brembo Xtra

If you're looking for something a little more innovative for your Mini (R50, R53), why not choose cross-drilled discs?
Brembo Xtra disks accentuate the looks of your Mini (R50, R53) and deliver superlative braking performance.
What make this possible are the holes in the brake rotor, which maximize disk/pad grip in high temperature conditions right from the first instant you press the pedal, and even in the wet. These holes also exert a scraping action which cleans the pad surface and removes potentially dangerous deposits of foreign matter. The holes drilled into the brake rotor also increase performance by allowing for improved dissipation of the heat and gas produced as a result of friction.
And then there's also the sporty looks of Brembo Xtra discs, which is accentuated by the UV paint coating.

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Brembo aftermarket disc in cast iron Xtra model perforated vented with UV paint 


Brembo Max

If you're looking for performance and style, take a look at Brembo slotted discs.

Named Brembo Max, these disks offer even better performance than standard disks, especially at the start of braking.
Dreaded brake pad glazing will never be an issue again, as the slots cut into the rotor refresh the friction material on the surface of the pad every time you brake.

One of the slots cut into the surface of Brembo Max discs is there to let you tell quickly and easily when the disc itself is worn.
This allows you to check the state of wear of the disks by yourself and determine when the wear limit is reached and the disks have to be replaced.

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Brembo aftermarket disc in cast iron Max model slotted and ventilated 


Brembo Sport

Brembo offers its Sport discs to all drivers who love to explore the capabilities of their car. Whether slotted or cross-drilled, all Brembo Sport discs are conceived to minimise thermal expansion and warping.
When used together with brake pads from the Sport range, these discs will be just as durable and comfortable as the best quality road-going discs.
To offer a product with unmistakably sporty looks, Brembo Sport disks are subjected to complex galvanizing process which gives them a gold-colored finish.
Brembo Sport disks are also easy to install, because they're exactly the same size as the standard disks and are fully compatible with the OEM callipers and wheels on your car.

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Now you know the secrets that make Brembo discs so special. Feel free to ask your mechanic for more advice, safe in the knowledge that you can depend on Brembo quality!

Brembo Sport disc in cast iron perforated galvanized in gold color with pillar venting 

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