A new manufacturing process for a lighter pad


Brembo is a leader in manufacturing braking systems for the most important car manufacturers worldwide, and has developed advanced technical knowledge in the field of brake pads that has achieved a superior quality product.

​Its knowhow has enabled Brembo to research a new type of pad, arising from optimising the steps of the manufacturing process.




Under the new method the friction and composite materials are co-moulded, producing a complete brake pad in a single step. New machines and tooling have been developed for this purpose, which will lead to a completely automated process that reduces the product's manufacturing time.

​Brembo's new pads are the result of cutting edge design, followed by demanding bench tests as well as severe on-road trials; assuring their durability and performance.



As a result the new pad can deliver a weight reduction of up to 60%. At the same time it completely eliminates corrosion in the caliper housing and reduces thermal conductivity. This ensures the highest safety while parking and during emergency braking, under all road conditions.​