Brembo 16RCS Corsa Corta RR


 New clutch master cylinder in the RCS corsa corta RR family

On the occasion of EICMA 2023, Brembo is expanding its RCS corsa corta RR range by introducing the new 16RCS corsa corta RR: an innovative motorcycle clutch master cylinder featuring technical solutions already adopted in MotoGP.


​The design of this new clutch master cylinder incorporates all the style features already adopted in the company’s RCS corsa corta RR family of products. That was also the reason why the brake master cylinder from the same range won the prestigious Red Dot design award in 2023.

This design coherence allows riders to have a complete range of braking products with an identifying, dynamic and sporty aesthetic, in line with the style conveyed by the bikes for which it was designed.


The clutch main body is machined from billet, and a black hard anodized coating is used for the surface finish, which guarantees that the body is highly resistant to wear and its components move easily. The floating piston and seals are the same as those used in MotoGP.


Developed especially for widely popular high-performance motorbikes, the new RCS corsa corta RR clutch master cylinder has a 16mm floating piston diameter to improve the feel and application effort on high volume engines.

The idle stroke setting is already set to minimum – like the master cylinders used in competitions – for greater precision in use.


Now everyone can refine the performance of their motorcycle braking system simply by replacing their standard clutch master cylinder with a Brembo 16RCS corsa corta RR certain of the outstanding performance that the company offers from a decade of experience in the field of braking systems.

The clutch master cylinder is sold in kit form, complete with mounting accessories. It will be available from March 2024.