Brembo puts the brakes on counterfeit products


 New anti-counterfeiting card will protect buyers of Brembo High Performance and Racing products

​All of the sought-after, famous brands have been victims of the counterfeit phenomenon and Brembo is no exception. Just as with all the luxury brands, the Brembo braking systems get copied and it is possible to stumble upon Brembo products that look and cost practically the same as the original, but have a completely different level of quality.

Purchasing a fake braking system can be very risky. The braking system is a safety component and counterfeit products often prove to be highly dangerous because they are not made with material that has undergone quality control and they are not tested sufficiently.



For this reason, Brembo also extends an innovative approach to customer service, which has always made its products stand out above the rest. Brembo is the first in its sector to launch a service that guarantees the authenticity of the product purchased!

Brembo has introduced a novel approach to ensure its customer a safer buying experience of its High Performance and Racing brake parts against the dangers of counterfeit products. Every part in these Brembo lines now comes with an anti-counterfeiting scratch card and a Quality Control sheet.

The card is contained within a sealed wallet inside the box, along with instructions for use. The customer scratches off a strip on the card to reveal a 6-digit code, which they enter  at, along with the card number, part type and country of purchase. This allows the buyer to see immediately if the part is genuine.

By entering additional information, including their email address and the model of the car or motorbike the part is for, they can download a PDF certificate of authenticity. If verification is not provided, however, the purchaser is prompted to submit additional information that will help Brembo immediately begin an investigation into the origin of the counterfeit part.

The security card has been provided with the following Brembo High Performance and Brembo Racing lines produced for cars: sport brake discs, Turismo brake discs and complete Gran Turismo kits. For motorcycles it includes brake calipers, brake discs, brake and clutch master cylinders and brake levers.




Moreover, the kit will be prepared together with the Quality Control sheet inside the box: another tool made to confirm the genuinely of the products.
Brembo will also introduce a seal that will be used on the boxes to ensure the Brembo boxes and products remain intact from the factory to the consumer.

This initiative is part of a comprehensive response by the world leader in high performance braking systems to a problem that has been growing in recent years. Like all luxury brands, Brembo braking systems are copied, especially for its high performance, sporty image that is a direct result of the company’s commitment to car and motorcycle racing.  Given this high profile as a performance racing  product, it is not surprising that people want to fit Brembo brake systems to their own cars and motorbikes. That is why counterfeiting has become a very real problem for the Italian-based company, particularly in some Asian markets where components are not subject to the same high standards of testing found elsewhere in the world.




With the help of local dealers Brembo has increased its diligence in this area. Brembo has pursued legal actions against counterfeit producers. It has made clear that it regards this as much more than a commercial issue.

Brake system is a safety component and quite often the spurious copies of high performance brake parts are extremely dangerous, because they are not made with controlled materials and they are not tested and controlled in the proper way.

Brembo has the control on the entire production process, from the raw material to the finished product and this guarantees the quality of the final component.

People who buy Brembo brake systems or brake components have the certainty of seeing mounted on their car or motorcycle a product, that can ensure high performance, but also guarantee safety and the quality needed at all stages of production.