​Brembo – the world leader and acknowledged innovator of brake technology – is debuting its all-new B-M6 six-piston aluminum monobloc brake caliper at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas.

The all-new caliper is designed for the front corners of sports coupes and sedans, high-performance SUV’s, and supercars that use either cast-iron or Brembo’s advanced CCM-R carbon-ceramic discs.

It is available in five colors – black, red, yellow, white and fluorescent yellow and can be paired with the B-M4 caliper on the rear axle, where applicable.

Developed to increase overall braking performance, these systems provide consistent braking power and feel under extreme conditions. Typical applications would include Audi S/RS models, BMW M2/M3/M4, X5M/X6M, Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette, Ford Mustang, Porsche 911/Turbo/GT3, and many more.




The B-M6 caliper accommodates brake discs up to 410x36mm (16.14x1.42”), and is optimized for use with wide annulus discs and brake pads, providing significantly more braking surface area.

This new caliper is produced in multiple piston-area configurations so that Brembo engineers can precisely tailor the individual system for each application. Also included are technical features commonly found in Brembo billet and forged racing calipers including integral bridges for exceptional stiffness, completely internal fluid passages, and a single concealed bleed screw providing greater safety and resistance to damage.




The caliper is cast utilizing Brembo’s exclusive 4D technology process, and is manufactured in the same plant as the company’s racing brake systems.
This process was first used on Brembo’s B-M8 caliper for SUVs and large sedans, which launched at SEMA 2015.
The proprietary casting technology provides Brembo design freedom to engineer completely different calipers from those previously existing.
Brembo’s new B-M6 caliper is a combination of highly efficient architecture and unique styling, made possible by Brembo’s ability to design without the constraints of traditional casting methods.




In developing the B-M6 caliper, Brembo applied its international race winning expertise to high-performance braking systems and created one of the largest, most attractive calipers in the Brembo product line.

The B-M6 caliper aligns with Brembo’s principle of developing new and innovative products with an emphasis on performance and design -- providing superior braking performance and delivering design aesthetics that enhance any vehicle.



The B-M6 joins the Brembo family of new performance calipers, the B-M8 and B-M4.
The B-M8 is one of the largest calipers manufactured by Brembo at 15.5” x 7.0” x 5.5”.
The B-M4 is engineered for rear applications to compliment the B-M6 and B-M8 and can be used on the front on smaller vehicles.

B-M8 disc diameter 380-420mm (14.9”-16.5”); disc thickness 36-40mm (1.4”-1.5”);
B-M6 disc diameter 365-410mm (14.3”-16.1”); disc thickness 34-36mm (1.3”-1.4”);
B-M4 disc diameter 340-390mm (13.3”-15.3”); disc thickness 28-30mm (1.1”-1.2”);

To order or obtain more information, contact Race Technologies in North Carolina (704-799-0530), or California (714-438-1118).