The trophies, designed and made in collaboration with Brembo, were presented at a virtual award ceremony held at the National Car Museum in Turin.


The design teams at Canoo for the EV Pickup, Land Rover for the Defender 90 and Peugeot for the design language of its whole product range are the winners of the Car Design Award 2021, the Oscar of car design set up in 1984 by the magazine Auto&Design. 

The award ceremony, which was held at the MAUTO (the National Car Museum of Turin) was also broadcast on the Car Design Award YouTube channel to give enthusiasts the chance to participate in the event. ​




As ​in previous years, there were three categories in the Car Design Award: “Concept Cars”, “Production Cars” and “Brand Design Language”, the last one being presented to the design team that had worked the best on the formal language of the entire product range.


The jury, consisting of experts and journalists from leading international publications, chose the following winners for the three categories: for the Concept Cars section, the winner was the Canoo design team for the innovative but practical design of its EV Pick-up; for the Production Cars section, first place went to Land Rover design for its Defender 90, a new car and a source of inspiration for the future; for the Brand Design Language section, the award went to the Peugeot team who managed to add sportiness and sophistication to the entire range of new models created by the French car manufacturer.



Brembo, a long-standing partner of the Car Design Award​

“The winners’ trophies have been made by Brembo, a long-standing partner for the event since it was revived in the 2000s. Brembo is renowned for the excellence of its brake systems but the importance of beautiful design has always been at the heart of its projects. The awards are created using part of a brake disc and this year we have witnessed clear innovation in terms of the sustainability, as well as the aesthetics, of this piece​”​, Silvia Baruffaldi, editor of the Auto&Design magazine and presenter of the awards, said. ​ 

There has always been a strong relationship between Brembo and design since the beginnings of the company which has celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2021 and is constantly developing. ​

“This year, the trophies are made from a section of a Greentive brake disc​”, ”, Alberto Ferrari, Brembo Marketing Manager, explained. ​“Greentive is a highly innovative brake disc and its name is a combination of the words GREEN and DISTINCTIVE, the first highlighting the sustainable properties of this disc and the second its aesthetic value. Thanks to the coating applied to its braking surface, Greentive guarantees very low wear which significantly extends the disc’s service life and at the same time, reduces dust emissions when braking. The decision to present this trophy is based on Brembo’s desire to convey a fundamental message: design is no longer just beauty and distinctiveness, but also means caring about the environment.​”​ ​