Brembo Best Brand 2015


 Brembo scoops five awards


Brembo is the world’s best manufacturer of braking systems. We are not saying it ourselves, but rather this is the verdict handed down by 4 different German magazines that have given Brembo their “Best Brand 2015” award. 

It is an extraordinary result that rewards the commitment by the Bergamo-based company to research into and refinement of braking systems.

In addition, these awards are just the latest in a long line of awards that seems unlikely to end soon. In fact, Brembo has now come out on top of the readers' survey conducted by Motorrad magazine for 9 consecutive years: 84.7 per cent of the 48,118 readers surveyed from the fortnightly magazine, which is the motorcycling bible for German-speaking enthusiasts, named Brembo as the best brand for brake discs. Moreover, Brembo's percentage in the last three years has grown, following a fall among the competitors.

It is also the fourth consecutive year in which Brembo has been top of the survey sponsored by the weekly Autobild, a colossus that sells more than half a million copies: with 65 percent of the readers' vote, there is daylight between Brembo and its pursuers.


Still on four wheels, Brembo earned the top spot for the second year running in the survey by the respected fortnightly publication Autozeitung: 41.1 percent of its 9,432 respondents voted for Brembo, an increase of 15 percentage points from a year ago.

Last, but not least, came the triumph in the Motorsport aktuell poll, the famous weekly dedicated to on-road and off-road racing cars and motorcycles. Brembo saw off its rivals in the car tuning brake system category (75.9 percent of the vote) and in the motorcycle brake pad category (79.7 percent of the vote).