Brembo introduces Enesys in the Aftermarket segment


 The new solution for LCV provides excellent results in terms of the reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption


Brembo, the leading company in the development and production of high-performance braking systems, welcomes the latest introduction to its Aftermarket offering: ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM®. This new technological solution is directly derived from Brembo’s OE experience and is designed to further enhance the sustainability characteristics of a vehicle’s braking system, by reducing wear on discs and pads. This means lower harmful emissions and fuel consumption. 

Aimed at LCV professionals, ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM® best fits the current production of LCV Brembo sliding calipers as well as the Greenance Concept – the specific discs and pads kit that guarantees its components a longer lifetime. 

The new solution is based on a patented spring design that guarantees a much faster return of the brake pads to their initial position once the brake pedal is released. This avoids undesired and unnecessary friction between the pads and the brake discs.


Besides a reduction of residual drag, this tiny but advanced and innovative technology, results in a significant cut in CO2 emissions and energy waste, without compromising the high performance standards which are characteristic of all Brembo solutions. 

Moreover, ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM® limits brake pad and disc wear, by decreasing the brake dust generated by residual friction. This leads to increased durability and greater resistance, allowing for optimisation of the products’ maintenance needs and costs. 

ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM® belongs to the Brembo Beyond family, the Aftermarket line dedicated to the new mobility generation, with a particular focus on lowering environmental impact. This new spring technology confirms once again Brembo’s commitment to always developing and improving more efficient and sustainable processes and solutions.​