Awards and acknowledgments

The acknowledgements attributed to Brembo in the sustainability field


Awards and acknowledgments​




To recognise Brembo’s commitment to responsible management of water resources and reducing CO2 emissions, the non-profit organisation CDP (former Carbon Disclosure Project) included the Group among global A-List companies in the ‘Water Security’ and ‘Climate Change’ categories.




"It is a team perfectly integrated into the Company's production process and combines the legal and economic knowledge necessary to develop projects and solutions for the Company." With this motivation, on 17th October 2019 the Legal Department of the Group won the "Inhousecommunity Awards" for the "Team of the year Industry" category. The award ceremony had the aim to highlight excellence in the world "in house" in Italy, that is the best top managers and teams inside the companies.


On 25th September 2019 Brembo Corporacion Upwards 98 (Spain) won the Corporate Social Responsibility award during the "La III Noche del Clúster de Automoción. Industria de Aragón ". The goal of this initiative was to publicly recognize the best projects and practices related to Sustainability. Brembo was chosen for its commitment on the matter, in particular for the organizational structure that governs the issues of Sustainability, the characteristics of its Non-Financial Statement, the adherence to the 2030 Agenda, the project "We support SDGs" to encourage knowledge of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the "Brembo Sustainability Awards" competition launched to spread the culture of Sustainable Development.


The Q1 Award is the highest honour which Ford lends to its first-class suppliers. It shows that quality requirements, reliability, logistics, engineer achievements, process innovations and customer satisfaction are always at the highest level and have continuously highest priority. With Q1, Ford extends the standards of international quality standards. It covers a full spectrum – as defined in the specially created rules – with fundamental quality and production standards, which are to guarantee that all suppliers, also in the future, will continue to operate successfully in the market and are constantly evolving.


In 2019 Brembo was included in “La mappa della sostenibilità” or sustainability map project, an initiative presented in October 2018 at Università Bocconi in Milan during the “Salone della CSR e dell'innovazione sociale”. The Sustainability Map is intended to provide the first overview of responsible companies in Italy and has been developed on the basis of a number of objectively tangible elements. The Map was created by CSRnatives, a network of over 250 university students and recent graduates who are "passionate" about sustainability.



In 2019, Brembo ranked first within the Industry and Consumer Goods sector in in the Integrated Governance Index (presented on 13 June at the ESG Business Conference). The index, designed by ETicaNews and Top Legal with the scientific support of numerous industry associations, measures the degree to which ESG (Enviromental, Social, Governance) topics are integrated into corporate strategies. In 2018, Brembo placed sixth in the top 10, ahead of Pirelli, Saipem and Unicredit and Poste Italiane.



On 21 March 2019, Brembo S.p.A. was awarded in Assolombarda in Milan, as part of the "Welcome. Working for refugee integration"​, an acknowledgement given by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to companies that distinguished themselves, in 2018, in promoting the professional integration of refugees and in supporting their integration process in Italy for the "SOSteniamoci" project.



​FCA tier one suppliers (such as Brembo North America) are measured by the amount of business that they source to minority, women and veteran owned businesses.
Brembo attained Green status for 2018​, which means that it has met all of the expectations for sourcing, as well as participation in the MatchMaker and supplier diversity training programs.




Since 2016, the Group has been a member of EcoVadis, a sustainability performance monitoring platform that defines 21 CSR criteria based on international sustainable development standards, selecting those relevant to the Company in relation to predefined criteria (e.g. activities, geographical location, ...). In 2018, Brembo achieved a result of 69/100, which confirms the maximum level of Gold CSR rating​. i. e. the award given to 5% of the most virtuous companies in the sector in question. ​



​Also for 2020, the third year in a row, EcoVadis awarded Brembo with the Gold CSR rating, the recognition given to the 5% of the companies with the best sustainability performance assessed by the platform. The score of year was 70/100 and confirms the Group's continuous commitment to CSR issues.



Brembo is a member of the Achilles​ platform, which evaluates through questionnaires the ability of suppliers to meet sustainability standards. ​The Group, which responds to customer requests by filling in these surveys, has received a certificate of validation for the Brembo Poland Dabrowa and Brembo S.p.A. sites.



​​Brembo has been recognized by the independent international organization Carbon Disclosure Project, also for the year 2018, as one of the 136 leading companies at global level for its commitment and capacity to respond to Climate change​, awarding it an “A” score (on a scale ranging from the lowest D- up to the maximum of A), maintaining its position in the Climate A List, already achieved last year.




In 2018 Brembo was named by CDP also as one of the 31 world’s leading companies in terms of commitment to guarantee Water security​. At world level 18 companies are included, together with Brembo, in both the A-lists Climate Change and Water Security. Of them only 7 are European companies. 3 Italian companies are included in the Climate Change A-List and only Brembo is included in the Water Security A-list.




​The Group’s commitment to promoting the health and wellbeing of its workers has received recognition from the Associazione Confindustria Bergamo, which rewarded Brembo for its participation in the WHP –Workplace Health Promotion project​, for which the Group has been one of the main advocates since 2011. This initiative, in partnership with the local health authorities and Bergamo’s entrepreneurial association, is designed to promote healthier lifestyles and eating habits among workers of the companies involved.




In 2018, Brembo — along with 36 other Bergamo area companies — received the Confindustria stamp of quality for its student internship programmes​. This award is intended to recognise the student internship programmes offered by companies that stand out for their ability to form positive collaborative relationships with local schools.




The short film “NumerUomini” received a special mention during the Foreign Press Globi D’Oro Award Ceremony held on 13 June 2018 in Rome. NumerUomini​, directed by Gianfranco Ferraro, documents the life path of young people from leaving their homeland, marked by war and poverty, when they arrived in Italy and joined the project started by Brembo and the NGO CESVI "SOSteniamoci".




In 2018 the Brembo project "SOSteniamoci", for the integration of unaccompanied migrant minors, was selected among the 6 finalists of the Sodalitas Social Award in the category Combating inequalities, social inclusion and new welfare solutions. The project was recognized by the Jury of the Award as an example of value in reducing social inequalities, responding effectively to the needs of individuals and communities and included in the "Golden Book of Social Responsibility"​.



The “House of Smile” and “I was a Sari” projects received the Impresa Award, set up by the Italian-Indian Chamber of Commerce, in the “Community Development (Society) Awards 2017”​ category; this award is dedicated to corporate initiatives that have made the biggest contribution to the development of local communities in India. The two projects were judged to be the best from among more than 50 initiatives presented by as many Italian and Indian firms.



At the first edition of the Fiat-Chrysler Sustainability Supplier of the Year Award​, Brembo was recognized as the best supplier for sustainability in EMEA for the year 2012. Brembo received this important award after an audit carried out by a third party commissioned by Fiat-Chrysler.



In 2012, Brembo received the "Ambrogio Lorenzetti Award"​, dedicated to companies that have distinguished themselves in the last three years for having adopted good business management practices, through a correct and effective governance structure and activities. The award, announced by GC Governance Consulting, aims to encourage companies, institutions and managers to carry out activities to improve corporate governance and give recognition to those who have developed ideas or projects and identified tools for effective corporate governance safeguards.




On 13 December 2005, Brembo was rewarded with first place in the Large Enterprises category of the ​“National Prize for Corporate Social Responsibility, Città di Rovigo", the first initiative in Italy to be launched and organised by a local authority on the subject of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The company was recognized for its commitment to developing voluntary CSR initiatives in line with the proposals of the European Commission and implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies.




On 3 December 2001, Brembo received the Oscar Awards for the Annual Report and the Financial Communication for Listed companies. The prize is awarded every year to those companies that, starting from the financial statements, succeed in creating and maintaining an effective corporate communication system capable of transmitting the salient characteristics of the company to interested publics, improving its visibility and transparency. .



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