The book by Gazzetta dello Sport about the men who have defied speed

To celebrate Brembo's 40 years in motorsports, La Gazzetta dello Sport has published a 240-page book that recounts the accomplishments of 12 legendary drivers whose names are linked with Brembo. 18 pages are dedicated to each driver. The texts (in both Italian and English) are combined with magnificent photographs. The book was made available at newsstands a few days ago for 14.99 € and can also be purchased online at store.gazzetta.it.


Seven of these drivers made Formula 1 history, winning 22 World Drivers' Championships overall. Brembo was a faithful travel companion for Michael Schumacher in all 7 of his championships (5 with Ferrari after the first 2 with Benetton), just like in the 4 victories of Sebastian Vettel (with Red Bull), who recently accomplished his 150th Grand Prix competition.


Other world champions have also utilised Brembo braking systems, and they too are celebrated in the book Unstoppable: Ayrton Senna (whose profile was written by Giorgio Terruzzi) and his arch-rival Alain Prost.
Of course Gilles Villeneuve is on the list, with his style of driving on the edge that has captured the hearts of Ferrari fans.

Passion for speed is not limited to four-wheel vehicles, but is very much alive for those with two wheels. To gratify motorcycle fans, five legends of World Motorcycle Championships are also featured in the book.

Leading the pack is Valentino Rossi, who has used Brembo brakes throughout his entire career (with Aprilia in 125 and 250, with Honda, Yamaha and Ducati in 500 and MotoGP) winning 112 victories and 208 podiums in 324 races.




Besides Rossi, the biographical volume includes other immortal champions who are attached to Brembo like Roman Max Biaggi (champion of 250 and Superbike) and cannibals Mick Doohan and Marc Marquez. Lastly, space is given to Giacomo Agostini who used Brembo brakes only at the end of his career due to chronological reasons.

Indeed, up until the mid-1970s, his motorcycle had been equipped with traditional drum brakes and he didn't switch to better-performing Brembo disc braking systems until the second half of that decade.


To offer readers original content, details regarding the relationship the 12 drivers have had with their brakes are written about in a section entitled Braking Techniques. We are pleased to present you with a preview of some of the passages to illustrate the Braking Techniques of some of the most-loved drivers.

Ayrton Senna
Contrary to many of his colleagues from that era, the Brazilian loved to try anything new that technology produced, from 8-piston calipers to hi-tech materials.

Valentino Rossi

Efficient, powerful and linear, Valentino's braking has become a model, but the rider keeps all his secrets very private. The only trick that was leaked? He doesn't use the rear disc in the curve.




Gilles Villeneuve

Enzo Ferrari loved to remember this driver's ability to destroy brakes. For the Brembo mechanics, he was one who wore them out entirely. Villeneuve was spectacular when he pulled ahead as well.

Giacomo Agostini

In the beginning, the World Motorcycle Championship riders didn't see the discs as improving performance. Then someone realised they did and began to win with this braking system.

Michael Schumacher

Schumi was an excellent spokesperson for the engineers: thanks to his cognisance and his help, Brembo managed to improve the development of brake discs and calipers a great deal.