All of Brembo's numbers for the 2015 Formula 1 Championship


2015 Brembo Formula 1 statistics

​The incredible speeds reached this year by Formula 1 single-seaters (362 km/h in Mexico’s free practice sessions)  require the use of very powerful braking systems and rapid response. However, this result cannot be achieved at the expense of reliability because the drivers have to have the same braking potential available all the way from the starting grid to the checkered flag.

From this point of view, Brembo is the best, as demonstrated by Sebastian Vettel this year. In 2015, the Ferrari driver completed 1,127 laps, which is 98.09% of all those run. As if that weren’t enough, of the seven drivers that completed at least 91% of the total laps, five had Brembo brakes at their disposal. And in the top 13 driver positions of those that covered the most laps this year, all ten of the drivers that use Brembo systems were present.

Even in the dry qualifying lap, the only opportunity during the weekend to push the cars to the maximum, Brembo brakes allowed the drivers to stand out. Although only half of the competing cars were outfitted by Brembo, the Italian brakes equipped 65% of the single-seaters that had access to the Q3. At the GPs in Spain and Monte Carlo last May, for example, eight out of ten single-seaters in the Q3 used Brembo brakes.




Of the 190 cars that have reached Q3 in qualifying, 123 were equipped with Brembo brakes.

53% LAPS

A total of 10,470 laps were completed by race cars fitted with Brembo brakes out of a total of 19,855 lap times throughout the 2015 season.



In 19 of the 19 races of the 2015 season Brembo claimed the Hat Trick equipping the cars that won the pole position, fastest lap and victory during the same Grand Prix.


​Behind every winning driver is a great Team. And a great Team is made up of talented engineers and designers, who are indispensable for making a fast and reliable single-seater. No less important are the suppliers of the components used on the cars, especially those in Formula One.

That is why the most important Teams from the 2015 Championship purchased Brembo braking systems. But we aren't the ones to say so, the numbers confirm it: of the 57 podium placements determined by this year's 19 GPs, 51 were held by single-seaters equipped with Brembo brakes.

In spite of different race strategies and the Safety Car repeatedly entering the track, the cars with Brembo brakes managed to almost always maintain their lead: 1,129 lead laps out of a total of 1,149 completed. Indeed, in the first eight GPs of the year and in the last ten, the single-seaters with Brembo brakes never gave up their position as race leader. The only exception this season was at the British GP, a track that traditionally is not challenging for braking systems.

Brembo's percentage drops a bit for the amount of points acquired, but it is easily explained. The first ten to cross the finish line at each race get points and this year, Brembo equipped only ten single-seaters. Even though there were ten non-Brembo single-seaters, making the ratio 50/50, the cars with Brembo brakes still obtained 74% of the points. Highlighting this effort best was the Monaco GP, one of the most difficult tracks for brakes, where six single-seaters equipped with Brembo brakes took the top six spots.




Of the 57 podium finishes available in the 2015 season, as many as 51 have gone on to vehicles with Brembo brakes.


Of 1,919 points available in the season 2015, well in 1,421 were won by cars with Brembo brakes.



1,129 out of a total of 1,149, the revolutions that saw the lead car with Brembo brakes in the season 2015.


​Formula 1 is the best field of application for technological research, offering opportunities to experiment on a continuous basis . New technical solutions, even on single components, can make the difference between winning and retiring. In 2015, Brembo braking systems were used by five out of ten Formula 1 race teams, with truly exceptional results.

Even though Brembo brakes were employed on only half of the competing single-seaters, this group indeed accomplished a full slate of victories: of the 19 seasonal GPs, all of them were won by cars with Brembo brakes.

Brembo brakes also performed magnificently in qualifying, so much so that they dominated the front row in all of the 19 seasonal races.




In 19 out of 19 GP, the first row was made up entirely of cars with Brembo brakes.


Of the 57 podium finishes available in the 2015 season, as many as 51 have gone on to vehicles with Brembo brakes.



1,129 out of a total of 1,149, the revolutions that saw the lead car with Brembo brakes in the season 2015.


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