Brembo Xtra drilled discs: 5 mistakes not to make


 Not all drilled discs provide the same performance. Which aspects to consider in order to avoid a substandard product

Drilled discs, the word is not enough. Many potential drilled disc buyers think that they are all the same. Actually, there are drilled discs made with all the trimmings and drilled discs that are manufactured very superficially. The latter not only do not guarantee the advantages of drilled discs, but they are even dangerous.
The initial enthusiasm at having purchased a drilled disc at a low price could transform into anger after a few weeks because of a braking system that no longer meets safety requirements. In order to avoid this risk, you must not make these 5 mistakes.

Disco forato Brembo 


1) Trusting the “do-it-yourself” transformation

Thinking you can transform a standard smooth disc into a drilled disc by modifying, or having someone else modify, the disc after purchase (by simply drilling it) is the worst and most dangerous mistake you can make.

The structural changes required are very delicate and need to be accompanied by appropriate testing to ensure product safety. From a legal perspective we must also note that modified discs are no longer covered by warranty and are no longer approved for road use.

Disco forato da un trapano  


​2) Thinking that all drilled discs are the same

​Not all drilled discs are the same, even if they seem to look the same. The number, size and position of the holes are determining factors, not only for the performance of the braking system, but also, and above all, for its safe operation.

On Brembo Xtra discs, the holes have been designed to improve performance without compromising resistance to the heat-mechanical stress of the disc.

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Disco su banco dinamometrico Brembo  

3) Underestimating the role of tests

There are drilled discs that, before being placed on the market, are subjected to tests that assess performance and duration.

Others, on the other hand, have been assessed only in terms of performance. Yet, some have not been tested at all.

Collaboration with the most prestigious car manufacturers and the most important racing teams in the world, Brembo knows the technical specifications required for the most extreme use of the braking system.

Before placing Brembo Xtra discs on the market, all of the bench and road tests have been conducted that are needed to meet the strictest requirements Brembo demands, as well as to meet the performance needs of the cars for which they are designed.


4) Underestimating the materials and the ventilation

A drilled disc replaces a smooth disc that must meet essential technical requirements for braking system operation. The materials, the type of ventilation, the dimensional and shape tolerances must meet the original system manufacturer's specifications.

In some cases, in order to improve resistance to thermal cracks and system cooling, Brembo has adopted specific solutions for the Xtra range, both in terms of specific materials and tailored ventilation. Because a sport disc must provide something more in terms of performance, not just some holes that are pleasing to the eye.

Disco con pastiglia Brembo  

5) Not considering the pads

The pads play a crucial role in determining the performance, comfort and duration of the braking system.

Even more so when they must work with a disc that can provide higher performance.

We always recommend using the compounds selected by the sport disc manufacturer for the pads.

It is normally a good idea to rely on the disc manufacturer's recommendations.

Brembo Xtra discs have been studied and tested to provide the best performance, especially with the Brembo range of brake pads.


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