Future mobility



Future mobility​ 

Rethinking the world of mobility by offering innovative solutions guided by our vision of “Turning Energy into Inspiration”​

Having the freedom and ability to travel is one of the cornerstones of modern society. For this reason, Brembo is constantly seeking solutions that will answer the demands of future mobility. The company is working towards the vision of increasingly digital, connected and customised vehicles, via pathways of innovation including non-traditional ones. Coming at the problems from unexpected angles generates ideas capable of translating Brembo’s vision of “Turning Energy into Inspiration” into real-world projects.​


In the coming years, the way we move, communicate and travel will continue to evolve with accelerating speed. For this reason, Brembo is looking to a future where vehicles will be increasingly electric and sustainable, connected and interconnected, and incorporated into a wider digital ecosystem in which the vehicle will interface with other IoT devices. These will include a person’s home and systems of communication, with vehicles being key elements in our integrated daily lives. 

Driving the vehicles of tomorrow will be a unique experience, one that Brembo wants to help shape.




Sensifyhttps://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/sensifySensifyDiscoverBTS-bottomDx0SensifyBrembo’s pioneering new intelligent braking system integrates artificial intelligence to offer a unique driving experience and total safety.
Greenancehttps://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/greenanceGreenanceDiscoverBTS-bottomDx0GreenanceGreenance – a fusion of the words “green” and “performance” – is brembo’s answer to the growing requirement for low environmental impact without any compromise in braking performance.
Solution providerhttps://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/solution-providerSolution providerDiscoverBTS-bottomDx0Solution providerDigital products and services that are ever-more sustainable open new paths and support our customers in facing the challenges of future mobility.
Racinghttps://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/brembo-racingRacingDiscoverBTS-bottomDx0RacingWith Brembo, every race-car driver can rely on the experience of a team that for more than 40 years has won with remarkable consistency on tracks all over the world. At the same time, they are never satisfied –always thinking about tomorrow’s solutions.
Designhttps://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/brembo-designDesignDiscoverBTS-bottomDx0DesignWe combine form and functionality in our products by translating continuous innovation into unique design.