Criteria for selection

​Criteria for selection

Brembo selects its suppliers on the basis of their ability to fulfil supply requisites: products sourced from a supplier will in fact become a part of the Brembo product and directly influence its quality.
The following parameters are considered in the selection of a supplier:

- Technology: technological adequacy, technological and design capability;

- Service/Logistics: flexibility and compliance with deadlines and delivery practices;

- Price: adherence with defined target, ability to increase efficiency over time;

- Financial stability;

- Quality: compliance of Quality System with Brembo requisites, adequacy of quality performance;

- Environmental management system: adequacy of Environmental Management System.

- Sustainability: protection of ​human rights, health and safety at work.


Companies wishing to establish a relationship with Brembo as a supplier are requested to compile the  Preliminary Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire and send it to the following e-mail address:

Please view Brembo SpA privacy notice for Suppliers available on the following link.

Where deemed necessary, Brembo reserves the right to conduct a preliminary on-site inspection of the potential supplier's facilities