Alberto Bombassei



Company founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Company, of which he was Chairman of the Board of Directors from 1993 to 2021. 

He is also founder and Chairman of the Kilometro Rosso Scientific and Technological Park. President of FROM - Bergamo Hospital Research Foundation. Since 2020 he has been a member of Confindustria Executive Board. He has been Member of the Board of Directors of ISPI — Institute for International Political Studies since 2016. 

He has been member of the Executive Board of Assonime, an association of Italian joint-stock companies, since 2017. Vice-President of Aspen Institute Italy since 2018. Member of the Leonardo Committee's Executive Board since 2018. 

Member of the Board of Directors of MADE - Competence Center Industry 4.0 since 2019. ​


President of the Italy-China Foundation (2018-2020). 

Member of the Chamber of Deputies and the X Production Activities Committee (2013-2018). 

Vice President of Confindustria in charge of Industrial Relations (2004-2012). President of Federmeccanica (2001-2004). 

Over the years he received several awards and honours, including: “Parete” Award (2021); “Barsanti and Matteucci Award” (2021); “Gianni Mazzocchi Award” (2021); “Casco d’oro” (2019); “Capo d’Orlando” Award for section “Science and Industry” (2019); “Leonardo” Award (2017) bestowed on him by Italian President Mattarella; “Automotive Hall of Fame” Award (2017); title of Commander of the Order of Isabel the Catholic (2014) bestowed on him by Spain’s Ambassador to Italy; the Ernst & Young Prize as “Entrepreneur of the Year” (2012); “Tiepolo 2012” Award; title of “Cavaliere del Lavoro” (2004) bestowed on him by Italian President Ciampi; Leonardo “Qualità Italia” Award (2003)


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