After launching the last generation of the forged 6 and 4 piston monobloc calipers on the market last year, a new TCR caliper and an innovative 390mm front disc with an improved ventilation will be presented at Autosport 2018.


Brembo, world leader in design, development and production of braking systems, improves its range of Racing discs with the new 390mm front rotor featuring an innovative ventilation for GT application.

The advanced design of the vans, which increase their number from 72 to 84, and the related optimized geometry, define an innovative “no-constant” width ventilation channel through the disc radius, for which a patent application has already been filed.

Thanks to this new technology the heat exchange efficiency improves up to 15% without any weight penalty.


​Furthermore Brembo introduces the new 6-piston TCR front caliper, machined from an aluminum forging and designed to fit up to 390mm discs. The new product, that follows the specifications of the Racing calipers already available in the wide range of the Italian company, had been designed to be stiffer than the previous generation and can use up to 25mm thick pads.

The new TCR front caliper is suitable for both sprint and endurance races. The attention of Brembo to the constant evolution of GT cars is confirmed by the introduction of a new range of 6 and 4 piston forged monobloc calipers (M6-M4) that ensure reliable performance and a significant reduction in weight compared to the previous versions.

They also feature an extreme and innovative design with geometries conceived to make caliper and pad cooling even more efficient.


The 6-piston front caliper is available with different hydraulic combinations and it allows the installation of discs up to 390mm diameter and 35mm thickness, as well as pads up to 30mm thickness.

The caliper is also available with a fixed bridge, that guarantees better stiffness, or with an optimized removable bridge to allow quick pad changes. The 4-piston rear caliper is available with or without fixed bridge and with two different mounting centres. The caliper allows the installation of discs up to 360mm diameter and 32mm thickness, as well as pads up to 26.5mm thickness.

Combining innovation and family feeling, the new monobloc forged calipers join the range of Brembo products and guarantee interchangeability with the current parts already on the market.