Brakes and more for the new HARLEY-DAVIDSON FLT MY17


 For the first time, a bike produced by the Milwaukee manufacturer uses the latest generation clutch made by Brembo

​The United States and Italy are polar opposites as far as motorcycles: on the New Continent, the bikes are synonymous with adventure and wide open space, while in Italy, speed is what best defines two-wheelers.

But collaboration between Harley Davidson and Brembo is bringing these two universes closer together. Brembo will supply brake and clutch components for the new FLT MY17. The Milwaukee manufacturer has made a choice that will ensure its bikes incomparable levels of safety, immediate response times and comfort, without compromising on the extraordinary style that has always distinguished them.

At EICMA 2016, Brembo equipped a "dummy" FLT MY17 with a braking system and the latest generation clutch. It was a joyous sight for the myriad of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts.

Eicma Harley  

Detail Harley 2016  

The fixed front and rear calipers come with four 32mm pistons and are coupled with 300mm stainless steel discs, components that have already been recognised for their effectiveness and reliability. The new hydraulic clutch system comprises a die cast master cylinder with 15mm pistons that activate a clutch slave cylinder with 28mm pistons. The clutch slave cylinder is outfitted with a diaphragm that protects it from engine oil vapours. The development of an activation mechanism enabled the production of a system that responds to the requirements of contained energy output and high modularity in the awe-inspiring American cruisers.

Brembo's extensive experience in the field of hydraulic clutches convinced Harley-Davidson to use, for the first time in its history, a clutch system made by Brembo. This recognition of an Italian production par excellence translates into a clutch slave cylinder that suits the characteristics of this bike the best.


The brake calipers are coupled with 300mm stainless steel Brembo discs that are 5mm thick in the front and 7mm thick in the rear. These specifications guarantee contained operating temperatures which reduce the risk of brake lever elongation and ensure that the system responds rapidly.

The front discs are ring-rotor, meaning the braking surface is fixed to the wheel by means of bushes and springs. This bush system offers two advantages. The float, which is the improved behaviour of the disc once it reaches a certain temperature, is combined with the optimal performance of the mechanical stress, something that is typical of fixed discs.

The Brembo brake master cylinders vary significantly. The die cast aluminium front master cylinder is axial with 15mm pistons. The lever was designed specifically for Harley-Davidson bikes. The front brake master cylinder and clutch are available in several variations: entirely chrome plated, painted black with a polished lever or painted black with a black lever. Black is the finishing on the rear master cylinder as well that comes with an integrated 22.5cm3 reservoir, an integrated push rod and 16mm pistons.


Brembo paid extra attention to the detail of these components because it wanted all the people who ride the Harley-Davidson FLT MY17 to experience total control and utmost reliability whether travelling across the American roads or getting around Europe and other parts of the world.