Brembo Red - Episode 15


 Dan Sandberg hosts a special holiday HOLLYWOOD EDITION of Brembo RED featuring Tinseltown car guru Dennis McCarthy from Visual Effects, Justin Kell of motorcycle provider Glory Motor Works, and Brembo’s own Mike Messina who checks-in to talk about 2021’s motorsports championships.


McCarthy has built or modified cars and trucks for blockbuster movies like the Black Panther, Blade Runner, Batman, Green Hornet and the Fast and Furious nine movie franchise.

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He reveals some of the secrets behind those movie star performance cars and even tells Dan the details behind the custom built Batmobile in Batman vs, Superman, a 10,500 lb., 11 feet wide monster car stopped with big Brembo 8-piston brake calipers. ​




Kell talks about building and supplying bikes for the newly released Matrix Resurrections, Indiana Jones, Top Gun and Top Gun Maverick, and what it takes to ready a movie bike for nose wheelies and other stunts. Kell tells us about Steven Spielberg’s “almost” Indian motorcycle and the electrification of Hollywood two-wheelers. He also reveals why Ryan Reynolds, Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves are great riders when it comes to making movies.​




Mike Messina from Brembo’s Race Team joins RED to close out the motorsports season championships in NASCAR, IMSA, F1, Off-Road, as well as new products. He talks about Hendrick Motorsports magic season this year including 10 wins for Kyle Larson and the victory records broken in this year’s season, all on Brembo brakes. ​


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