The first digital artwork inspired by Brembo​


 Turning Energy into Inspiration – The Digital Art Journey – Vol.1 2022 – Aymeric: A unique event in an atmospheric setting in Tokyo, to unveil digital art.​



Today the world moves fast, the way of communicating is evolving more and more in the use of images, breaking down language barriers and geographical distances to tell experiences, share emotions and expand our social community. Brembo also feels the need to express itself and its "Turning Energy into Inspiration" vision in new ways, reflecting the Company’s values and personality through a coherent brand experience, to spotlight its strength and coolness, engaging both established and new audiences. 

 In such landscape, Brembo's interest in digital art and NFTs has matured, giving life to a new narrative path. "The digital art journey" that connects Brembo's propensity for the digital world with the energy and inspiration of artistic creation, sharing our passion and dedication in a new and universal expressive form.



Turning Energy into Inspiration – The Digital Art Journey – Vol.1 2022 - Aymeric is an artistic exploration of digital art, technology and inspiration and represents the opportunity for Brembo to explore new way to communicate its vision, “Turning Energy into Inspiration” with the aim to engage also younger, digital-native generations.​


​An amazing series of three infinitely looping digital artworks featured with the Australian multidisciplinary artist Aymeric and presented by Brembo for the first time during a special Gala event at the Italian embassy in Tokyo. 

With this exhibition, Brembo aims to represent its new journey in a creative way, expressing the deep bond between Brembo and innovation through the languages of art. Energy and inspiration are not only the foundations of Brembo’s vision, but also essential elements of the artistic process, both for those who create it and for those who enjoy it.​



Brembo aims to give shape not only to the best braking components but also to inspire artistic creations that blend absolute precision and timeless beauty. Not just to inspire the world today but the generations to come. 

For this reason, Brembo decided to partner with Aymeric, whose incredible attention to detail, creativity and profound knowledge of the ecosystem of digital art, perfectly embody the brand’s image. The series is inspired by the birth of an idea from nothingness. Aymeric interpreted the slogan 'Turning energy into inspiration' as a metaphysical journey, explored amongst three infinitely looping artworks. 

Each of the three artworks reimagine the three components of the slogan - energy, transformation and inspiration. Thanks to these three artworks, also made available as NFTs to those who attended the event, Brembo experiences the world of digital art, NFTs and blockchain with an exclusive series, which aims to be the first of a path that will evolve over the years. 

This initiative underlines Brembo's attitude and willingness to seize and anticipate the opportunities and new megatrends of the future, following paths of innovation and trends to continue to be a timeless brand, a reference point for future generations.​


001: Life of Zed 

Life of Zed focuses on the theme of energy. It depicts a chaotic but programmed structure in which automotive components, computer hardware, and natural elements coexist. 

By placing a screen at the foot of the object, recording the time employed in the creation of the artwork, the artist wanted to comment ironically on its destiny of 3D artists, as slaves of the clock. 

Set in a dark studio, an underground space devoid of natural light, “Life of Zed” is a metaphor for the everyday life and creative process of digital artists. The laptop is executing the Dall-E artificial intelligence program, which has affected the aesthetic design of the entire series.




002: The Conversion of X, Y, and Z 

The process of transformation is embodied in The Conversion of X, Y, and Z. The purely mechanical artwork is inspired by the process of metamorphosis, where a caterpillar enters its cocoon and transforms into a butterfly. 

The electrical energy is stored and converted into something new. The work is a physical embodiment of the creative process. 

The turbines and gears are like the artist's mind, constantly spinning and creating new ideas. The energy particles represent the inspiration that the artist is seeking. The sudden stop is like the moment of realization when the artist decides to stop working on their art.

003: The Birth of Ill 

The third and final piece of the series is the most poetic and evocative, taking the shape of a mechanical blossoming flower. It embodies the magic instant when inspiration finds an unexpected fulfilment. 

In this case, it unfolds in a naturally shaped object that recalls birth and regeneration, absorbing energy, light, and the force of life. 

Each of the digital sculptures aim to express the artist’s process of inspiration and creation, the artist continuous research for inspiration, in everything that surrounds him or her, and presenting a source of inspiration in return.