Mechanic and rider: with RiMS you’ll be both


 RiMS Racing (acronym for Rider Motorbike Simulator) has been available for a few days now - the motorcycle game most eagerly awaited by enthusiasts all over the world.


RiMS Racing (acronym for Rider Motorbike Simulator) has been available for a few days now - the motorcycle game most eagerly awaited by enthusiasts all over the world. The Raceward Studio programmers have created versions for all platforms, in other words PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, XBoxOne, Nintendo Switch and even for PC. 

For the first time in a motorcycle game, 45 different components can be modified, naturally including the entire braking system, using exclusively products that actually exist in real life. This result was achieved through collaboration with major parts manufacturers from around the world who provided their respective catalogs. ​


The components faithfully replicate the real models, even offering some of the color versions available on the market. In all this, Brembo plays a pivotal role as global leader in braking system production for two and four wheeled street-legal and racing vehicles, as demonstrated by their collection of more than 500 world championship titles earned over their sixty years of life.​

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Even in the riding phase, RiMS Racing stands out from the competitors’ software because the player chooses how his or her digital alter ego will behave: from posture on the starting grid to cornering style (old school, with the body hanging off the seat, shoulders out, or balanced), from whether or not they hang a leg out on the braking sections to how many fingers they use to pull the brake lever - 2, 3, or 4. 

Besides the experience in the saddle, one of the most fun aspects of RiMS Racing is the replacement of the various components. This operation is executed by entering the Bike Garage menu and then the Workshop menu, where you can access Bike Assembly. From here, the player can choose which of the various components to replace. 

For the braking system, for example, 12 different components can be modified: front and rear calipers, front and rear discs, front and rear pads, brake lever, brake master cylinder, rear thumb brake, lines, brake fluid and relative reservoir. When the part you want to replace is selected, a screen opens that describes the disassembly procedure.

Let’s say we want to change the front disc. Just like in real life, the game lists the components involved which, in this case, are the front calipers, the front rim and the front discs. Right after this, it lists the operations required to complete the entire task - the same operations performed in a real garage anywhere in the world. 

In this specific case, you begin by unscrewing the bolts. Then the calipers are removed, all the locking nuts are unscrewed and then the main pin is removed from its position. The final third of the procedure is left: the rim is removed from the fork, the screws are removed and then the discs can be removed from the rim. 

For each of these operations, instructions are given for which button combination to use. In order to make this phase as realistic as possible, each step has its own combination, similar to the movement the mechanic makes in that moment on the bike. When the player activates that combination, the part comes off and the next phase can be performed.


Before beginning disassembly, you can see the available alternatives with a description for each one that includes weight, diameter, type and condition (percentage of wear). This last aspect is fundamental for good performance, so it is advisable to get rid of worn components by selling them, partly to make room in your inventory. 

The system takes the compatibility of the various parts into consideration, so if you are trying to mount a pad, for example, that cannot physically be paired with a caliper, the system prevents the operation. Once you’ve chosen the component you want to install, the assembly phase begins, also subdivided into several operations that must be performed. ​


Achieving good performance on the track and unlocking the team’s skills in the Engineering Area menu lets you speed up the bike assembly and disassembly procedures, eliminating the need for the player to interact for each step and making them automatic. 

One of English playwright Aphra Behn’s characters said that variety is the soul of pleasure. Almost four and a half centuries have passed since then, but the saying is still valid, as demonstrated by the positive feedback for RiMS Racing all over the world from bike and simulator enthusiasts. 

This is because RiMS Racing is a complete simulation game, not simulating just the physical ride of the eight different bikes available based on the weather and asphalt conditions, but also the operations performed when you get off the bike, namely the entire mechanical part. 

Ready to (change the) brake? ​