Brembo wins the Sport Auto Award with a record advantage over the others


 Brembo is considered the best brake system brand by 83.3% of readers of the German monthly magazine, Sport Auto. The ranking shows that no other brand has ever had such an advantage over its competitors.


Coming first for Brembo, both on-track and off-road, is always very satisfying. 

But, in addition to its performance on the track, it is just as important to win the race that brands take part in every day to be foremost in the minds of consumers. 

That is why it is so important when you are selected for your quality or popularity by a jury made up of the general public, especially when it consists of tens of thousands of people. ​

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Brembo has received a multitude of awards over the years, but this time it is different because Brembo has not just won the Best Brand 2020 in the brake category awarded by Sport Auto, the famous German monthly magazine. 

Brembo has received 83.3% of the votes, a very high percentage considering that in only two of the other two categories (tires, shock absorbers, exhaust systems, shock absorbers, etc.), the winner obtained more than 70% of the votes whereas in five, the winner did not even get 50% of the votes. ​



The ranking is the result of votes given by readers of the magazine who were asked to say who the best car parts manufacturers were. Each voter could express more than one preference for each category which explains why the total number of votes comes to more than 100%. 

A sports seats manufacturer was the only one to obtain more votes than Brembo. However, this company is a German one which may have contributed to a home advantage.


When we analyze the data, we can see that with the exception of Brembo which is more than 54.5 percentage points ahead of the others, none of the other winning brands have managed to gain a margin of more than 50%, as can be seen in the following table.​


Category Most voted brand 2nd most voted brand​ ​Difference between 1st/2nd place​
​Brakes​83.3 % Brembo​28.8 %​54.5 %
​Sports seats87.7 %​​40.9 %​46.8 %
Exhaust systems​67.9 %​36.6 %​31.3 %
Sports air filter​54.1 %​​30.9 %23.2 %
​Wheels75.7 %​53.1 %​​22.6 %
Lubricants​66.7 %​47.7 %​19 %​
Shock absorbers​60.9 %​47.5 %​13.4 %​
​​Car care products​66.0 %54.2 %​11.8 %​
Track tires (trackday)​39.3 %​​29.6 %9.7 %​
Sports suspension​​55.6 %​48.6 %7 %​
​Racing tires​32.5 %​26.3 %​6.2 %​


All this shows us that Brembo not only has a good reputation with sports car enthusiasts (Sport Auto readers), but also that very few of these consider other manufacturers to be of a higher level or even on the same level as us.​