Brembo is a partner in the first video game that shows who makes the best use of the brakes


 Brembo's experience in the premier class is at the base of MotoGP Championship Quest, the first mobile game where the player who is best on the brakes wins.

​All of us can go fast in a straight line. What separates a professional rider from an enthusiast is the right choice of timing in braking and the use of the throttle. This is a skill that is perfected with experience, but that can be simulated with video games, too. All you have to do is download MotoGP Championship Quest, available on iTunes and in the coming weeks for Android as well, the game that puts you in the boots of your favourite MotoGP rider.

Developed by the American company, We Play Media, MotoGP Championship Quest takes advantage of Brembo's extensive experience in the premier class. Brembo made its début in the 500 class in 1978 with the team Gallina Suzukis and, consistently improving its systems, it has succeeded in winning more than 430 MotoGP 500 class races, 27 World Rider Championships and 28 World Manufacturer Championships. It is not by chance that this year every MotoGP rider has expressly requested the use of Brembo brakes.




MotoGP Championship Quest is the free game for mobile devices with a MotoGP license: it works on all mobile phones and tablets with Apple and Android operating systems. The game starts in the Rookie category, tackling one of the real World Championship tracks. Besides reproducing the tracks accurately down to the smallest details, the developers dedicate particular attention to the performance of the bikes in braking, using the data collected by Brembo for each individual turn.




Once in the saddle, you won't need to worry about steering or increasing your lean angle. All you will need to do is brake and accelerate, using the specific buttons located respectively on the bottom left and bottom right sides of the screen.


The braking symbol bears the Brembo logo to emphasise the equation “MotoGP Braking = Brembo”.


After all, it has been 23 years since the last time a bike without Brembo brakes has won a race in the 500-MotoGP class.

Described this way, the game seems simple, but playing it correctly is much more complex than one might think.


Along the circuit the points are indicated where braking or acceleration should begin. Getting the perfect timing right is not easy, because the system detects whether the player has pressed the button early or late to within thousandths of a second.



When the difference in thousandths is low, the play can begin (or continue) a combo that earns extra points. Using the points earned in the game or through sponsors, the player can improve the bike's performance in terms of braking, acceleration and handling.

A bit like what has happened recently with the MotoGP brakes that were clearly improved thanks to Brembo's continuous Research & Development investments. Once you have a nice stash of points, you can move up a category, purchasing a Team Bike class bike. Moving up further, you can become a Pro Rider, in other words, you can race in the boots of your favourite MotoGP rider.



tasto freno Brembo dettagli screenshot videogioco  

In this case, the credits can also be spent to add a team manager, a crew chief or a personal trainer.

Once you arrive at this level, points are earned to move up in the overall standings of what is called the Fan World Championship.

At the end of each month, the rider leading in the standings wins a fantastic watch.

But the highlight is the final standings that takes into consideration all the results achieved by 31 December 2016. The players at the top of the standings will win VIP tickets to the races, watches, autographed posters and frequent flyer miles.


The most sought after prize, however, is a trophy made by Brembo with a caliper and part of the disc from a MotoGP bike, awarded to the player who is crowned Fan World Champion and bearing the world championship winner's name at the base. After all, braking is the primary part of MotoGP Championship Quest and it makes it different from all the other games on the market.

It's time to show us what you can do. If you want to aspire to the title of best braker in the world, get to work.

Let’s go braking.