Brembo unveils HYPURE: the game-changing caliper for the world of two-wheelers


 The new component invites riders to elevate their experience, ensuring enhanced braking performance and pushing the limits with confidence.

​​Brembo, the world industry-leading innovator of brake technology, presents its latest innovation: HYPURE. Tailored for high-performance motorbikes, the new Original Equipment brake caliper boasts unparalleled performance and a boundary-breaking design.

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Thanks to its distinctive asymmetrical design, HYPURE achieves a remarkable 10% weight reduction compared to the reference caliper for the same application, making it the lightest component in its class.

This reduced weight doesn’t compromise stiffness. The caliper retains an high rigidity, improving both performance and handling and providing riders with a competitive edge.


HYPURE's advanced heat transfer capability ensures consistent braking performance, allowing riders to push their limits with confidence.

The unique spring/pad/pin system - featuring a patented design - , along with a specially crafted bearing surface between the caliper and pad, minimizes residual torque.

This makes HYPURE not only more effective but also greener than the previous solutions.


​​The name “HYPURE” reflects Brembo's innovative spirit, merging “HYPER” and “PURE”.

This evocative name captures a modern spirit and adrenaline-fueled essence, combining unmatched performance with a pure design, characterized by clean and rational lines, with a silver oxidation.

In line with Brembo's latest design philosophy, HYPURE showcases a disruptive asymmetrical design, naturally combining functionality and beauty.

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This product embodies Brembo’s commitment to ongoing research and innovation, serving as a true ambassador of the unique brand identity of the Company.

HYPURE’s performance is beyond exceptional, promising an exciting experience for riders, on both track and open roads. The caliper’s dynamism and energy are real, making it essential for enthusiast riders.

With HYPURE, riders can expect nothing less than excellence in every aspect of their journey, from design and performance to sustainability.