Brembo named 2015 Superbrand


 Superbrands awards the Brembo brand inclusion in its category of best Brands for 2015

What do BMW, Disney, Lamborghini, Nutella and Brembo have in common? They are all Superbrands, brands that have achieved excellence in the fundamental drivers that a brand must have to be deemed “super”, according to targeted research conducted jointly by Astraea and Demoskopea.

The brands that have been admitted to the “Superbrands Club 2015” were selected by the Superbrands Council in collaboration with Astarea and Demoskopea on the basis of three merit indexes: Quality, Reliability and Distinctiveness.

The “Superbrands Club 2015” is composed of brands that are aware of the effort they need to make to distinguish themselves for quality, reliability and distinctiveness. They are also conscious that they have to have the courage to put their brand at the core of everything they do.

Those who face new marketing and communication challenges daily can learn a great deal from their stories. 




Superbrands focuses on brands with exceptional identification and recognition and that are even quite loved. It has come to be known as the reference point that designates certificates of excellence to the brands that represent the best in what customers and consumers can find on the market.

With this Superbrands Award, the Brembo brand’s attention to quality, research and innovation, which distinguishes it, is once again recognised.

Those who would like to learn more about Brembo and the other Superbrands in the 2015 edition, can refer to The Book of the Greatest Brands, which tells the stories of the brands that know how to be “Super”.



The volume, in a complimentary e-book version, is a collection of narratives about the successes of the brands that received the Superbrands 2015 certification.

The book contains over 100 large-format pages enriched with images from the “Super Brand” communication campaigns. It also includes an overview of the founding elements of the Superbrands system and an in-depth look at the research conducted by Astarea-Demoskopea to define the winning factors for being “Super”.

The brief chapters examine the reference markets, results obtained, history, products, qualities and most recent developments of each brand, providing case histories for the 21 greatest brands that have been awarded the Superbrands 2015 certificate of excellence.